21 December 2008

Day 128 : Malaysian Comic Artist : Ujang the Legend

Salam untuk semua

How was your Sunday? Diharapkan semua baik-baik belaka..

Been reading since yesterday and now need to unwind my mind..

Not with electrophoresis (ok..now, i need to unwind :P)..but with some light reading. I've searched articles in Berita Harian online archive and found an interesting article on Ujang. Do you know who is Ujang?

Ujang is one of the well known comic artist in Malaysia. He is the one who created Din Beramboi, Usop Sontorian and characters in Aku Budak Minang. Really love the fresh idea, the humour and of course when he started lanun (Islamic comic), I was really excited.

We have this at home :)

Some of the original character by Ujang

Lanun - first Islamic comic in Malaysia

I still remember how me and my brother will saved our pocket money and try to buy Ujang every month. And I still remember I can easily connected with Ujang character because our mum is quite 'garang' :P. Well, memories.. :)

And now after 25 years working and drawing, I reckon he is definitely one of the legendary artist in Malaysian comic industry. Thumbs up to Ujang :)

Have a great Sunday mates!!

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a.b geldofg said...

ujang menang leend..tapi dia slalu dbodohkan..atas kbodohan dia....