21 October 2008

Day 68: Tuesday Blues

Hi uols

How was your day?

I missed my last class today :(..silly me!! lupe ade kelas tadi :(

Anyway, life must go on rite :D

So..what happened today?

I managed to catch a train..and in Adelaide we can use the same ticket for bus, trams and trains :). Public transport in Adelaide is one of the best I guess for me :)

Love taking public transport here in Adelaide

If in Malaysia..hell no!!!

Buses are crowded with foreigners (Indon, Bangladesh, Nepal)

Masa aku naik LRT, aku penah kena ragut..apekah?? :(

Putra LRT - too many people, crowded..huhu :(

I wish the system can change!!

Adelaide is actually considered one of the smallest city in Australia, yet, the public transport here is easily accessible and you can actually go anywhere by just taking the bus :)

Oh well, enough said. Let see some of my collection of pics today :)

Train Station

While waiting for the train

Me and my box of samples :)

And 7 pm baru sampai rumah..yeap..this is my home..amacam..cool huh? :D

Pokok palma lagi!! Welcome to my house :)

My house is my heaven :)..liked my new house a lot!! :)

Anyone?? Interested to come over? :D

Signing off mates!!

Notakaki: Sometimes we changed to be a better person but there are sometimes we are changing to be worst than they can think of and I'm sure he/she will regret his/her decision!!


MOLY said...

cantik rumah kaklang !!!
i loikeeeeeeeeeee ...

yes la .. kalau laa kat malaysia public transportnya macam kat adelaide, konpem jimat la duit kita sume .... 1 ticket for all the public transport ..

p.s: be strong .... :)

Ck said...

sonok nyer dok kat sana...

Sa-Yu-Ri said...

I am keen to come over. check for me the ticket from syd to adelaide pls?? domestic flight ya. the cheapestttt hahaha...

gal, sydney is damn expensive for transportation...but wateva it is... I LOVE AUSSIE man...hahaha

Pinangso Loro said...

Memang cantiknya rumah Inah... tapi kalau dapat free lagi lah cantik... Inah pernah kena ragut... kesiannya... dah banyak masa kat Ostolia tu apa kata Inah jogging bagi slim banyak pinggang tu... heheheh lepas ni kalau kena ragut jugak... kasi kejar itu peragut and slam himmm... hammm sappp betul!!!

Inah said...

lily: cantik ek..me pun soke!!!!

be strong ek!! hmm..thanks babe :)

cakap kosong : kena la menyeronokkan diri..kalo x seronok nanti duk pikir nak balik malaysia je!!

nan: will check for u syd to adelaide :)..cant wait for u to come here!! :)

loving australia?? yeap..me too!!

abg bear: cantik ek?? hehehehe..jogging kah..so far x de masa lagi..nanti bila dah kurang sibuk..inah start jogging :D

abg bear jaga diri!!

King said...

local public transportation sucks!


Inah said...

agreed?? heheheh..we can still improve to be better :)

dunhill@*london-paris-new york* said...

agreed!! local transportation sux!! tapikan lrt kat Paris lg kotoQ!! stinky Paris!! lrt kat Malaysia busuk ngan foreigner.. hmmmmmm kalau ler dia sembur air freshener memang bagus!! :) wahhhh rumah kak lang ala2 kat fadang fasir.. :)

Ziana said...

ur hse cantikkk!!!!
insyaAllah i will fly fly ke sane.. :)
tungguuuuuu!!! :)

agreed with ur 'notakaki'..
be strong ya babe!!
i knw u r strong now
kan? :)

Rush Murad said...

eeeeeee....... seram baca Notakaki tu... ala-ala macam Notamati... apa pun, rumah uol cantik lerrr... :D

@xiM said...

ala ala perumahan mewah gitu kan..hehe..suke suke pa tengok..

ni buat rasa nak pi sana jugak nih..nanti ada rezeki nak fly ke sana k..

*people do makes mistake..but people who never learn from dat mistake is da most stupidest person ever..Learn from your mistake and try to be a better person-that's what you trying to say rite??whatever it is,be cool!!i know you gonna be cool:)

izal said...

kat negeri omputih ni semua kawasan dia cantik ek???

y cant KL be like s'pore?? bersih dan terjaga...mmm datuk bandar, wake upppp...

Ms B said...

Inah dear,

I'll be in hiatus for a while. Temporarily hide my "home". will let u know once it is up and running.

Anyway, we are off for our holiday, insya allah tonite for 5 days to a place 20 degrees hotter. (it is below 10 today. and it is not even winter!). But my workload has been too much that all i want to do is to stay in bed! Malas nak travel.

BUt it seems unfair for my girl and she is looking forward to the sun, the beach, the shopping (the last part, the mummy yg excited).

U keep well!

ps: luv ur house! ;-)

Inah said...

padang pasir pulek..bukan mcm tepi pantai ke?? :P

ziana: bila nak mai ni?? katil kosong dah ade ok!! :D

abg tepak: cantik ek? x secantik teratak abg tepak kat miri nun :D

Inah said...

pa: sila sila mai sini..cant wait ok!!

yeap..people who never learned from their mistakes is the people who never listen..

buat ape nak pk psl org tu lagi kan..i should try to not to think bout it :(

izal: mai la sini..kawasan depa mmg terjaga :)..

Inah said...

ms b: tats why i cant access to your blog..ok..enjoy ur holiday..go and have some rest :)

and whenever u want to calm urself, i think adelaide is the best place :)

u r most welcome to adelaide :)

Kembara Musafir said...

huaaaa... bestnyer rumah....!! nak dtg ziarah boley tak? tumpang tido ler sekali... hehe.... enjoy it...!