25 November 2008

Day 102 : Labmates

Salam untuk semua :)

Today we have our christmas lunch at Scuzzi ~ Italiano Pizza

Different people different background

Happy moments :)

Supervisor giving his speech :P

Habis semuanya :)

Our group..we r the only muslim in our research institute (with 200 staff) :)

The food and the people

Our food - bread with butter

Seafood Pizza..nyum nyum.. :)..our food

My drink :)

Dapur Scuzzi

Malaysian, Singaporean and Brazilian :)

Lots of Chinese in my lab ~ 2 from Malaysia, one from Singapore and another one from Mainland China

That's my labmates and we'll be together for another 3 years :)

Hope everything will be smooth sailing :)

Signing off mates!!

Notakaki: Life is short..so live life to the fullest right?..Try to find small little things that can make u happy :)..I'm trying to bake some brownies this weekend..hope jadi..next week boleh bake for my lovable housemate :)

Ade resipi brownies yang senang tak?


Josh said...

Fuyooo... bestnyer makan-makan! Pizza pulak tu... yummyy....

Erk? ada ke resipi brownies yang senang??? tu kena tanya Wahdi kot.

King said...

best giler ahh ...


azizi said...

i love brownies. kena pulak makan dengan vanilla aiskrim waktu coklat brownies tgh panas n cair. perghh....

err.... resipi takdelah inah. i just know HOW TO EAT ;-)

Inah said...

pizza nye best gilak :P..x de ek resipi brownies..alaaa.. :P

king: best kah..jom2 mai sini :)

bro azizi: ayyooo..tau makan brownies je ek..nanti kalo mai sini..i try to bake u one :D

Zoulkieflie said...

Hi..seronok tengok ina happy..:)
kim salam kat minah brazilian tu ya..:p

@xiM said...

pehhh lama dah tak makan brownies....

Inah said...

amboi zoul..x nak kim salam kat me ke? ciss :P

axim: sila2 beli brownies..chillies punye sedap kan :)

sepul said...

hye inah.... actually wat kos u take ya? are u nutritionist? dietitian? currently i'm taking sarjana health science (health education) kat ukm and working kat MOH as health edu. officer. ;)

Inah said...

i'm taking phd in nutrigenomics = nutrition and genetic :)

ohh..amik masters kat ukm ek..i missed ukm..err..x de la sangat..hahahaha :P

hUmmY said...




Ms B said...

Inah dear,

I think you will hv fun! From my experience, try to mix and learn about their cultures.

unfortunately, i dont know any brownies recipe but i look fwd to eat urs. *grins*

Anonymous said...

ngeee... saya tak tau resipi saya tau makan jek lor.

err... boleh ke brownies to di pos ke JB :P

nanti try tanya tau FEDEX, UPS, POS Laju Aussie.. kalau boleh boleh pos ek brownies tu ke JB :P

MOLY said...

adoi .. lapa dibuatnyaa ....
memang tau inah !!!
lily ngah kebuluq nih
huhu :D

happy bila tgk inah happy

Inah said...

hummy: meh la mai sini :P

msB: I'll have fun :)..wanna taste some? all u need is return ticket from ur place to adelaide :D

abg gen: mana boley pos!! :P..mintak sue masak ok? hehehe :P

lily : lapaq kah? ayyaks..x sengaja ok :D..sila2 makan :)

NN said...

ramai labmateeeesss..

chrismas comes early kaahh..??

ohh, ur footnote..

enjoy our life..!!

Inah said...

hehehe..christmas comes early in my lab :)

enjoy life rite nikli :)