28 November 2008

Day 104 : Ex

Salam untuk semua..

I just missed my ex today and guess what..mum's plan maybe will worked out..yeap..me and my cousin may be together..I really hope my cousin will say NO to this disastrous plan :(


You could be happy and i won't know
But you weren't happy the day i watched you go.

And all the things that i wish i had not said,
Are played in loops till it's madness in my head.

Is it too late to remind you how we were?
But not our last days of silent screaming blur.

Most of what i remember makes me sure
I should've stopped you from walking out the door.

You could be happy i hope you are
You made me happier than I'd been by far

Somehow everything i own, smells of you
And for the tiniest moment it's all not true.

Do the things that you always wanted to
Without me there to hold you back, don't think just do

More than anything i want to see you girl
Take a glorious bite out of the whole world

Still worried :(


Diver Mom said...

cousin..? oh.. akan disatukan dgn cousin ya..? alhamdulillah.. tahniah! :)

Anonymous said...

byk kn wat isthkrah kak!
hanya allah yg leh tolong semua ni..


wahaza extra said...

What? Really.. why?

[danial][ma] said...

hej! inah...what about wahaza? what about me? heheheh...well, if you think it is the best for you, just go for it...;-)

Shah CJ said...

doa2 byk inah. moga diberi jln benar oleh Allah.

tak slh juga kalau jodoh dgn sepupu kan :)

aku sokong jek. :)

Sa-Yu-Ri said...

You missed you ex ya? stil in touch wid him?

beb, jodoh di tangan tuhan.... if its meant to be, jangan ditolak. I am sure god have a better plan for u :)

riken said...

setuju ngan cakap sayuri kat atas tu.
rindu ngan 'ahem ahem' yer??? hey inah, adelaide & melbourne is not that far. better patch up with 'him' (you know who). sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit inikan pula si dia sorang. :P

p/s just kidding

@xiM said...

is it??

so how..maybe mum's choice was for da good..who might knoe..hehe

Ms B said...

inah dear,

when you have time, do read my postings in april and june (i think. *scratching her head*).

Inah said...

zuai : hoho..a big NO from me :(..i just want to find a man that can be not only my hubby, my dearest friend, my companion, my soul mate..

Nemo: dah buat..pelbagai mimpi yg pelik tiap kali buat..sekarang ni lagila..mimpi bertemu dengan seseorang kian kerap..dan orang berkenaan adalah org yg sama..but blurry face..who knows..i'll meet someone soon :)

wahaza: hmm..mum was really worried with her only daughter whom will becoming 27 next year..i dunno..kalau itu yg terbaik :(..ntahla..

Inah said...

danial: what about u and wahaza? huhu :P..ur honey larling is waiting for u :P

cikgu jawe: ni lagi sorang..mmg x salah but dari segi sejarah penyakit keturunan..benda ni x digalakkan..ntahla..i dunno what's the best for me :(..pray hard!! cikgu doakan saya juge :)

sayuri: huhu..nope..i x keep in touch with him..i dunno where he lives now..yeap..perancangan Allah yg terbaik but..


I wish someone can understand how i feel :(

riken: hang memang nak kena tolak dari mount lofty!! oh well, i didnt missed 'him' at all :P

axim: err..not in this matter pa!!..i just wish someone can save me from this :(

msB: read it and thanks for the entry..will definitely give a try on ur tips :)

[danial][ma] said...

Hej! Inah...time to reflect...ask yourself what was your first intention and be sincere to yourself...time to have a heart to heart talk with your parents...be clear what is in your mind and be firm...time for you to prove that you can be strong and independent to go through this stage of life...it is not easy task but you have to settle this before it messes your life, your studies...is not easy to be a girl and single and away from family...and it also not easy too to settle down and at the same time to concertrate on your PhD works in the foreign land...easy say that if you settle down everything will be ok but in the reality it is not really rosy...prioritize...:-)

sepul said...

jgn lupe jemput ye ..

Ms B said...

So did my entry give any clue on part 2 of the q?

anyway.... i could be the last person to give advice on this matter. but i hope my entries, if any, could help you with your journey.

so keep your spirits high, clear your mind and focus on what you want for yourself first. so if the PhD is your top to do list, then my dear, put your heart into it.

The rest will follow...trust me. (thats why I recommend that book highly! *winks*)

Inah said...

danial : thanks for ur wise word!! :)..i should look back and find my inner strength to tell my mum that i'm not ready to settle down while i'm pursuing my phd

hmm..its tough..

sepul: jemput ke mana?? apekah?

msB : thanks msB for ur advice *winks*..the BOOK!! definitely will try to find it :)

BiNg!! said...

cam menakutkan je baca post nih....xtau nape...huhuhuhu...

NN said...

kazen hensem, belasah aja..

famili root jugak kann..
ok laa tuh..


cepotet said...

alahai dear..

really sorry. malam tu i terlelap. are u ok?

Inah said...

bing: menakutkan? kenapa u yg takut?? x paham :P

nikli: hensem mmg la hensem..mcm shah rukh khan :)..belasah ke?? ayyaks..we'll see :)

cepotet : takpe..heheheheh..ok dah skrg ni :)

MOLY said...

kalau inah betul2 tak nak, the best way is to be honest to ur mom ...

and explain to her why ...

Insya-Allah .. your mom shud understand