1 December 2008

Day 108 : End of the year

Salam untuk semua :)

How are u guys today? Mine was fine..spent most of my time at home..cooking and preparing reports..it's end of the year already :)

Next year is 2009

A new year for me and I guess a new resolution for me :)

As far as I'm concern..some of my 2008 resolution have been successfully achieved and I'm proud with my achievement

My 2008 resolution

1. Settle with my masters - completed

2. Enroll as PhD candidate - completed

3. Lose weight - errr..not so completed :P

3. Get married - so NOT completed :(

4. Start a family - NOT completed :(

5. Buy a house - NOT completed

6. Become a more mature person - I guess I've changed a lot since I settle down here in the land of down under :)

Oh well, I have to set new resolution that I think feasible for next year :)


Have u achieved your 2008 resolution? Sit and think back what have u done in previous 11 months..are you proud with yourself? will u want to do something differently? do u want to change yourself?

Just something to ponder :)

Signing off mates!!

Notakaki : Kita hanya merancang, Tuhan yang menentukan :)


cepotet said...

oh yeah.. 2009 is coming. wuweeeeeeeeeeee, saya semakin tua rupanya. ;)

Inah said...

ehhehehe..and me too!! :)

MOLY said...

betul tuh .. kita hanya mampu merancang, yang menentukan DIA ..

tapi dalam kita merancang pasti kita perlu berusaha juga ..

yang penting kita teruskan dengan kehidupan untuk mencapai apa yang kita impikan

i wish u all the best !!

@xiM said...

pa pun banyak lagi hajat di 2008 ni yang tak tercapai..huhu

2009 moga memberi lebih sinar..