11 November 2008

Day 88 : Pedometer

Hi uols :)

Kembali menulis dari bumi Adelaide

So..today dah jumpa supervisor and tomorrow I'll have a meeting with my supervisor/advisor/post doc in charge (how lucky I am to have him as my SIFU!!)

But..today's entry sebenarnya nak cerita benda lain

As you all know, salah satu azam aku bila menjejakkan kaki ke Adelaide is to lose weight

How to lose weight?

Makan rasanya boleh control..

Kena tambahkan dengan aktiviti senaman sekali kan


I think I'll start walking with a pedometer starting tomorrow..

Yeap..i'm going to buy a pedometer tomorrow

What is a pedometer?

Pedometer is a device attached to ur body to count every step by detecting our motion of hip

It's only 15 dollar and I think I'll stick to the plan to walk 5000 steps per day..let's see how many steps I took everyday for routine walk to the lab

The path that I took everyday (climbing up the hills :P)

Outside the lab (thought wanna jogging from here to Torrens River)


Tetiba nak promote filem ni..last week I had the chance to watch this movie and guess what..it's worth watching :)..full of laughter

For me..I think this movie is hillarious..I dunno how do u feel :)



- Mengantuk sebab having nightmare!! why? kekasihku seru punya pasal :(..regret I tengok cerita tu :(..

- Thanks to someone yg call semalam..having a chat with familiar voice is really enjoyable :)..For that person, just wait for the surprise :)


aShaBuLz said...

hehehe...gud luck on your exercise k!!

p/s: seb bek x tgk citer puaka niyang rapik...lagi seram kot..huhuhu

Inah said...

puaka niyang rappik?? apekahhhhhh..x sanggup nak tgk cite hantu dah :(

Ms B said...


I've heard so much abt kekasih ku seru. worth watching?

Oh, dont worry too much abt weight. I was a size 12 back in uni. Now, a size 6 (or US terms, size 2!). Losing weight is always good for health reason.

So do share ur cringe moments!!! *winks*

Inah said...

ayyaks..cringe moments?? i'm a very shy girl :P

weight always an issue to me since i was in primary school til now..i guess people are still put that as priority as for friendship or to start a relationship

suddenly i missed my ex bf :(..he was one of the guy that never rejected me because of my weight issue :(

oh well..life goes on..we'll see what's the outcome after I start this regime :)

wish me luck k :)

Inah said...

and kekasihku seru..menakutkan :(..i termimpi2 :(

tapi its one of the good malay drama i guess..compared to gerak khas or etc..well..i dont really watch malay drama..

blame the criminal mind, heroes, house, ncis, csi for that :D

Ms B said...

OMG!! All the series that you watch, I follow as well, except for heroes. back in the old days, when I was young(er), I used to follow buffy and angel.

btw, never underestimate the power of a plain jane. *winks* Trust me.

Inah said...

ohh..buffy!! love watching charmed as well.. :)

i'm writing down my cringe moments..just to share with other blog readers :P..who cares rite?

@xiM said...

i never reject people regarding weight issues..i dont discriminate people so why do they?hehe

Good Luck to you with your pedometer k..

Take care:)

Inah said...

hehe..thanks pa!! chaiyok2 ngan pedometer :P

zafi said...

selamat kuruskan badan! yeap pedometer is a good idea... jalan banyak2 ye!!! :P
best of luck in ur study!

Rush Murad said...

nak cari pedometer tu jugek lerrr... haruslah sehari cuma berjalan kurang 50 tapak.. keluar rumah masuk kereta.. vice versa... tu jekk.. how unhealthy it is kaaannn..