2 December 2008

Day 109 : Words

Selamat Hari Selasa!!

Today I'm bringing lunch pack to CSIRO :)

So..no more gastric pain!! :)


Some facts about Australian people

As you know..their accent is quite different and there are some words that I think funny

For example

Breakfast = Brekki

Barbecue = Barbie

Biscuit = Bikki

Weird huh??

Strangers will be called as 'mate'

They often used I reckon instead of I think..

And the other thing..instead of saying it's ok or it's alright..they will tend to say `no worries mate!!'


So..ape tunggu lagi..Air Asia murah kan..jom melawat Australia!! :)

Nota kaki : Today's currency - 1 AUD = RM 2.31


MZ said...

no worries mate!
:)) ha ha ha ha

Inah said...


dunhill@*london-paris-new york* said...

wahhhh siap letak currency rate!! hehehehe.. :)

Inah said...

semestinya!! :)..promot punya pasal :)

auntie fawwaz said...

jgnla gastric2, nanti papa n mama
take care yoll..

azizi said...

..not to mention
rain = rine
spain = spine
how are you today = how r u to die!
was in melbourne for almost a year before.

cheers mate!

MOLY said...

currency murah
jom balik malaysia !!

happy tuesday inah !

CAHAYA said...

haha. nice tips! any bikki?

Inah said...

anies!! i'm glad to see u here..sekarang dah ok!! jgn risau :)

azizi: yeah..they have their accent..sometimes a bit hard to understand :)

take care mate :)

lily: jom balik malaysia? ayyaks..apekah :P

cahaya: hehehehe..i have brownies..want some?

Ms B said...

My slang & vocabs are totally mixed! a few yrs in the land down under and now here, esp since my colleagues come all around the globe.

1/3 british, 1/4 aussies/kiwis, 1/4 europe and balance from the rest of the world.

Inah said...

hehehe..do u still have malaysian accent?

Ms B said...

*LOL* soalan cepu mas tuh!

If you see me in person and listen to the way I talk, u'd never figure that I live in the UK or better, have stayed abroad. My bro once noticed, "when you talk, you'd use malay in proper".

unless of course if you see me in action aka business meeting where I hv to deal with the big boys. hence explains why my friends who call me using unknown number think that I am a british/aussie/ god knows where! *lol*

Inah said...

hehehe..seems u can change ur accent anytime :)..good for u..my slang start to be like an australian ;)

msB..i'm baking brownies tonight..wish u n mini B are here :D

drNO said...

inah...hi ya...
gastritis ke??
take care k

Inah said...

hehehe..yeap dr!! ;)

i'll take care of myself

n Z r A said...

aaaa...murahnye currency!!!! last july i went it was 1 Aud = $3.14!!!!
waaaaa...tensi tensunnnnnn
harap2 dia semakin turun! ada rezeki bleh gi lagi!

@xiM said...

no worries mate!!

kalau ada rezeki nanti kitorang sumer sampai yaa..