11 December 2008

Day 118 : I am who I am

Salam untuk semua

Reading Sarah's entry really make my day..in her entry, she told her blog readers on how she enjoying her life in Pediatrics now..

Secret of success

As for my story, I am who I am now because I loved teaching since primary and secondary school. Manage to score 9 A1 in SPM..thanks to the study group!! Manage to score second class upper for my degree (top Malay student in UKM) also because of study group. Being in a study group, we take turn to be a teacher but normally it was me who will became one..

And my habit..I always asked why for everything..no matter in a conversation or reading a book.. I guess some people may annoyed with me..but I am who I am ;)

Used to be called as nerd, gadis kenapa, the girl with thousand of questions..I dont really care :)

I am who I am now and I'm not turning back..I'm 26 and this is my journey of life..to get a PhD before i'm 30 years old and I think I can..

I guess..no matter who we are now..just be someone with a passion in our life. Life is short!! Achieve something and make sure you'll be proud of yourself :)

From an average girl :)


Nota kaki : People said I'm matured and not like other 26 year old girl..perhaps because I'm in academic line :)

Notakaki 2 : Most people are getting bored with their blog but as for me, I really hope to whom it may concern, dont close ur blog etc..take a break and come back..

Notakaki 3 : Dont be afraid to be friend with me..I'm just an average girl, living in the land of down under :)


Arin said...

i guess people who in the academic line, tend to be matured ..like my sis..she's also 26 yrs old..and she's also currently doing her phd..
good luck in ur phd!

Inah said...

hehehe..thanks mate!! :)

sepul said...

wow matured. i loikkeee.. heheheh

Inah said...

ceh..ye ye jek hang :P

Sa-Yu-Ri said...

hehehe matured ya?? :) u r indeed. ya la....lko mmg fav betol suker tanye "y eh" y eh" hahaha...i wont forget that.... ingat tk in the car?? on our back frm macd kat t'ganu :)

Ms B said...

*smiles* thats the way dear.

sepul said...

betul cik hana.... dia punya statement @ questions akan berakhir dgn kenape ye?

Inah said...

hehehe..ingat2 lupe la nan ;)..

Ms B : i really wish i'm having cofee chat with u now :(

sepul : ayyaks..syyytt..budak ni nak kena sekeh :P

@xiM said...

that's da reason why you are so genius..

because you like asking..and you will learn something new everytime ur question been answered..hehe

Good Luck mate!!

aShaBuLz said...

yup...be yourself and nothing else matter...huhu

p/s: i'm not afraid to make friend with u...hohoho...action beam!!

cepotet said...

thank you for sharing kakak. :p



Inah said...

axim: thanks mate!! :)

ashabulz: hehehe..action beam!! ;)

cepotet: hehehe..lebiu too!! :)

Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

Salam Kak Inah.

Saya setuju kata2 Arin kat sekali tu: people who in the academic line, tend to be matured.

Very true indeed. Kak Inah, u're just a great inspiration that I can compare my dream with. Eventhough we're in a-bit-different lines, but we are still the same in term of reaching our dream.

There u go Kak Inah. Keep in kicking in the land of down under!