15 December 2008

Day 122 : The day I feel I should kill myself

Somehow I feel I hate Monday

It'll be awkward to share my tragedy here..but who cares..I just need to write somewhere..

- Experiment for zinc status didn't worked - can't get the desired number of cells :(

- Back to square 1 - prepare all the media again and have to go to Waite campus this Thursday

- Tomorrow meeting with Ross - so damn scared because haven't finish up the report

- Tried to score the slides..it look harder than I thought..I just cant get the number right!! What is happening to me?

- And why I feel I should kill myself? I broke two of my colleagues slides accidentally (I am so damn clumsy :(!!)..I have to prepare the script for tomorrow..gosh..i feel sooooo damn guilty now!!

- And why each time I want to order things, they have to double check with other person..helllooo..i'm not that stupid :(

- And why do all the research postdoc wanted to go to the conference?? Give chance to PhD student will you?

Why I'm feeling so clueless now..God, please lead me the way :(

Perhaps..I should refine myself!!


Mood : =(



Killing my self is just an analogy..when things didnt worked out..I'll find the way out or the way to solve it..no worries ok!!

Report - checked!!
Troubleshoot experiments - checked!!

Well..its all about how you manage your problem..as for me..I just need a space to let it out..that's just me ;)

And I'm not emotional because of other friends stuff or anything else..I don't really think I should :)..it's better for me to mind my own business..

Have a good Tuesday!!

Going to be busy tomorrow :)


Lady Dyla said...

Sabar erk lalink..

Will be rainbow after rain kan..

MOLY said...

alahai ... siannya inah ..
macam2 pulak yang terjadi ..

setiap yg berlaku kan ada hikmah disebaliknya ...

be strong k !

[danial][ma] said...

hej! inah...hahahaha...monday blues and after you had a good time during weekend...be positive!

Ms B said...

Ah inah, we all have our ups and downs.

perhaps it is a blessing.

ps: so what;s the tattoed guy name????

Inah said...

err..dunno how to address u dear..yeap..there's always rainbow ;)

lily: will do!! :)

danial: yeah..after a good time..today was a disaster :P

msB: indeed!! err..i did chat with that guy..but totally forgot to ask his name *lol*

sepul said...

hidup mesti terus...oh yeah

aShaBuLz said...

huhu..lepas geram kat blog is good what. at least there is no harm in the making....ngeh3...

apapun hope the next monday will bring sunshine right in front of your doorstep!! huhu....

Anonymous said...

pennywise the clown


Jgn kill yourself tapi panggil pennywise the clown to lights up your monday


Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

Kak Inah ku...

I've been in your shoes. Exactly the same feeling. I know words have enough power to heal you but I prefer to let you cure by yourself. All you need is time, no? The only Kak Inah that I know is a cool young motivated lady. You deserve to feel better after this killing-yourself analogy gone.

Kak Inah sentiasa ada dalam doa saya =)

p/s: Saya jealous seh tengok Yaris merah, strawberry merah dan Cik Kak kita yang pakai baju merah tu. Huhu ;)

Inah said...

sepul : yeap..hidup mesti terus ;)

ashabulz: yeap..today was indeed a better day for me ;)

Inah said...

abg gen : hehehe..panggi clown?? mcm x sesuai jekk..ade yg larik masuk bilik :P

sarah..if i have the winner of the best comment..i'll give it to u..thanks lil sis!! :)

@xiM said...

dont worry be happy yaa..:)

Inah said...

hehehe axim..ayat tu ayah slalu sebut ;)