17 December 2008

Day 124 : Mind your own business, will you?

Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them and try to follow them

I wonder why do most men and women think I'm desperate to look for a guy. I know I'm already 26 and being single is not considered a good thing..but hey..this is my life..dont bother to tell others that I have problems with guys, I'm too fat, I'm going to be 'andartu'..and most important dont talk to my mum about this and makes her worry..it really hurts when each time talking to mum, the same topic will be discussed and in the end mum will cried..why?? because she's not really in a good condition..and she thinks she's going to die before i get married and have kids..sigh!!

Please please..mind your own business..the reason I'm writing part of my life here is to share the joy, the laughter, the sorrow and the misery in this journey.

Full stop.


Anonymous said...

esok gerenti ada pemenang ni... ishh.. dah 20,639.

sepul said...

sabar ye dik...

Inah said...

dah 20 664..huhu..maybe ari ni or malam ni :)

siap sedia ye abg gen!! :)

sepul : baik lah encik sepul :)

wahaza extra said...

menang aper ni? Ader yg dok gatai cucuk ke?