20 December 2008

Day 127 : How I met my supervisor

Salam untuk semua

How are you lately?? How was your weekend?

Just want to share with some of the blog readers on why I chose Adelaide

Last year, I got offer letter from Imperial College and King's College and also Adelaide Uni

Looking at names, of course orang akan cakap buat PhD di UK lebih gah, lebih bangga, lebih segala-galanya. Mentaliti orang sukar disangkal, susah dianjak. Bila dengar Adelaide, semua akan ingat kampung, ceruk dunia, hujung dunia, x best dsb.


Why did I chose Adelaide?

Adelaide Uni is in top G8 Universities in Australia

Ranked at no 62 in the top 100 universities ranking

But most of all, doing a PhD is not all about university ranking..it's more about publication and research grant..

I found my supervisor in PubMed as one of the influenced person in the field of genome damage

With more than 200 publications, he seems to be one of the great person in nutrigenomics area of research. With research team now (consist of 5 supervisors), I'm really glad I make this choice and I guess no turning back.

And I'm doing my PhD in CSIRO (one of the top research institution in Australia and New Zealand), what more I can ask for. Allowances from KPT, salary from IPTA, zero tuition fees to be paid, I'm very grateful for that.

Adelaide or UK or US or Malaysia..doing PhD is one tough job to be completed and only the chosen one will survive. Tak bermakna buat di US or UK lebih gah. Tak bermakna those people in Malaysia kurang ilmunya. So to my brother, dont regret your decision to continue your PhD in Malaysia. I guess, we'll be one of the top researcher in Malaysia in few years to come. Gambate!!

Another 3 years to go for me!! :)

And guess what, I'm already been planning for my research post doc in Oregon or John Hopkins Institute (US). Now, who will dare to say that I'm nobody.

Have a great weekend escape!!


Jumper said...

It's all in your head. The substance growing there will take you places beyond borders.
Enjoy the journey...

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think war is God's way of teaching us geography - Paul Rodriguez

kehkeh... kang ada yang panas lak ngan quote tu :p

Inah said...

Thanks jumper :)

will enjoy this journey no matter where i am now :)

abg gen: hehehe..kat sini mmg summer..so mmg panas skit :)

dunhill@*london-paris-new york* said...

Terus berjuang ok.

Tujuan inah berada dibumi adellaide is to complish one mission, which is to complete ur phd.

Make Malaysian proud!! :)

Inah said...

baik encik MNN :)

thanks for the advice :)