24 December 2008

Day 131 : Holiday mood

Yeap..holiday is just around the corner!!.

Happy holiday and enjoy your last few days of the year!!

Boxing day!! Can't wait :D

Corelle murah2 - AUD 30 dollar sajo
Branded jeans and cloths
Household equipments

and the list goes on and on..

kaki shopping?? jom!!

Notakaki: Tiramisu cake, Adelaide zoo, end year report, review paper, house keeping, shopping!!!! :)


Ziana said...

i wish i can join u during Boxing Day!!!

nk ikot!!
serius nih..

nk kirim leh?

Super Nia Hana said...

wahhh..bebetul mood holiday dah nih

MOLY said...

baca baca baca ...
ingatkan river view
upenya review paper

hehehe ..
happy holiday !!!

Alone said...

hepi holiday :D

sepul said...

nak pi holiday sana lah pulak

Ms B said...

boxing day sales is something not to be missed! *grins*

happy holidays inah. have fun k!

Jumper said...

Enjoy your holidays.
Happy New Year!

@xiM said...

enjoy holiday Inah!!

take care.:)