29 December 2008

Day 136 : When I'm happy

Just got back from my short noticed trip :P..supposed to go somewhere else today but end up having fun with the others at southern Australia :)

First stop

Berry picking

Looks yummy rite!!

Berry farm

Our berries :)

Second stop

Victor Harbour & Granite Island - again..as I said before, this is my favourite place :)

Simply breathtaking :)

Absolute wonder

Third stop



Nice reflection :)

Fourth stop

Coorong :)

Cockles anyone?

Last stop

Goolwa beach

Amazing scenery - i really love the sea!!

Thats wrapped up my 2008 celebration :)

Thanks girls for the great trip!! I really have fun :)

Notakaki: Sweet memories remain forever..


sepul said...

ingatkan curang national park. hehehe

Inah said...

ayyaks..apekah en sepull :P

MOLY said...

bestnyaaaaaaaaaaaa ...
ada bery bery lagi tuh
nyam nyam ..

jeless !!
x pe xpe ...
as long as inah happy
kita pun happy

best giler tgk laut
nak terjun!!!

Inah said...

huhu..berry tu nyum nyum :P

jom mandi laut :D

Ziana said...

patut laaaaaa menyepi!!
pi jejln ropenyerrr

best nyer petik2 buah!!

nnt bawak me ek??
(bile laa tuh)

yeah.. 2008 byk sweet memories!!!
remain 4ever!

en_me said...


Inah said...

hehehe..babe..sila mai sini ok!! :)

2008 byk sweet memories..banyak jugek sour memories :P

happy new year to u babe :)

en me: sonok ke..hehehehe :)

@xiM said...

sweet memories remain forever..