14 December 2008

Day 121 : Outing update

Salam untuk semua!! :)

Pics tell a thousand word rite!! Enjoy the pics yea :)

Perjalanan bermula ke Hahndorf .. thought want to go to the German village..but x jumpa..so straight ke Beerenberg Strawberry Farm :)

We asked about the German village..rupanya the village already turned into a small town..and we did pass by the so called village..

Our car

Yaris :)..I'm loving it :)

Ahli lawatan :P

Hahndorf Resort

Loved the scenery :)

Tenang kan :)

Well..lets pick some strawberry :)

Beerenberg Strawberry Farm

The Farm :)

Strawberry with chocolate anyone?

Hasil tuaian :P

Then..we drove to Victor Harbour (1 hour from the strawberry farm)

On the way to Victor Harbour

Port Elliot

Inah was here :P

Railway crossing :D

Victor Harbour (Bridge to Granite Island)

Granite Island

The scenery is really amazing!!

Ombak menghempas batuan laut :)

Breathtaking shot!! (Kredit to housemate!!)

The bridge!!

Lots of other pics..but too lazy to upload :)

That's our outing for Saturday :). I had a wonderful time and I cherish every moment!!

Cleland - checked!!
Hahndorf - checked!!
Victor Harbour - checked!!
Port Adelaide - checked!!
Glenelg - checked!!


Signing off mates!!

Enjoy your Monday :)

As for me.. I have to wake up early in the morning and start my work at 730 am..what a Monday :P

Notakaki: Time can bring you down, time can bend your knees, time can break your heart (eric clapton - tears in heaven)

Notakaki II : HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ABG BEAR!! May u have a great year ahead!!


sepul said...

nak strawberi coklat leh tak? plisss

Inah said...

pi buat sendiri :P

shahril aley said...

wei kat malesia yaris tu namanye vios aje...
mati2 aku ingat ko pakai yaris hatchback tu
mana strawberi utk aku?

Inah said...

hahahaha..yaris adalah vios?? kereta kami diupgrade :P..dari yaris compact jadi yaris sedan..huhuhu :P

strawberi utk hang?? eh bukan kata nak pi petik gak ke :P..sila2 makan ngan cokelat :P

deasa said...

strawberi tu nampak sedapp!!

Inah said...

hehehe..mmg sedap pun :)

MOLY said...

weh aley nih .. salah laa
toyota yaris tuh mmg yaris laaa
mana de sama dengan vios
hahahaha !! sengal

bestnyaaaaaaaaaaa tengok
jeles jelesssss tau !!!

shahril aley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shahril aley said...

lily yg sengal
sile study yaris oberse
mmg kat malesia, yaris yg ketot tu
tapi kat oberse tu ade sedan & hatchback lor
cume kat malesia sedan tu panggil vios je

Inah said...

erkk lily n aley..jgn gado2 eh..hehehe..

@xiM said...

erkkk duk gaduh pasal Vios plak..

yang penting strawberri cicah cokelat memang sangat sedap!