1 January 2009

Day 139 : New Resolution

Salam untuk semua :)

How was your new year celebration? Mine was fine..I dont really celebrate it, no fireworks, no concert, but I do have good company last nite. Supper with sambal sardin yang terlebih pedas, telur dadar and brokoli..Thanks guys..I know you'll read this :). Hope you wont hesitate to come back :)

Watched something good today..its weird, when you watch something good, automatically you'll feel good :)

Managed to watch Oprah - Special biggest losers (secrets of how to lose weight) and of course Seven Pounds. These two really make my day :).


And now..just want to list down my new year resolution..at least I have something to refer to whenever I stuck and stumble later.

Career wise & PhD planning

1. Submit at least one journal paper and one conference paper - I have to buckle up now.. dateline for conference abstract is 4/2/09..hope I can make it

2. Confirm my candidature - as for the time being, I haven't confirm/secure my seat as PhD candidate and still under probation period - will do this by February 09

3. Complete and submit my proposal - dateline February 09

4. Complete in vitro labwork by December 09

Private life

1. Get my self someone to share my problem with :) - struggling with this..hehehhehe

2. Losing weight - in order to lead a healthy lifestyle - we'll see about this :)

3. Get my self a property - hope I can achieve this

Human being

1. Muhasabah diri selalu - solat di awal waktu, rajin2 skit baca Quran and ma'thurat

2. Be a better person - in terms of relationship with family and friends :)


1. Will be travelling again - can't wait til mid year :)

2. GC, Cairns and Syd


2009 dijangkakan akan berlaku krisis ekonomi dunia..hope everything will be fine here :)

Notakaki : This is my virtual diary..if you dont really like it..you don't have to read this :)..the option is there :)


Shah CJ said...

aku pula habiskan mlm tahun baru dgn meeting persatuan penduduk. mmg tadek bunga api, tadek bbq tp pengerusi belanja sate. hihi

Inah said...

hehehe..sate pun layannn :)

sepul said...

wahh travel..nak hekutt

Ziana said...

me doakan azam 2009 akan tercapai ya!

wah wah..
nnt balik Msia x kenal plak ngan INAH
dah kurus

a.b geldofg said...

wah semua bmtivasi...baguslah...mudah tcapai...mari2..betik2..murah2 hehehehe

Anonymous said...

salam maal hijrah
selamat tahun br,

moga tahun ni
jd lebih baik dr tahun sebelumnyerr..=)

Inah said...

sepul : jom jom :)

ziana: hopefully kan :)..hehehehe..cant wait to see u babe :)

ab: hang ni..huhuhu.. :)

nemo: slamat tahun baru juga :)

NuRuL wHaTeVeR said...

salam singgah =)

salam maal hijrah 1430 H & new year 2009=)

Inah said...

salam to u too nurul :)

mazddaud said...

saya doakan semua resolution inah tercapai nanti, terutama sekali resolution no 1 under private life...;-)

MOLY said...

may all your wish come true !!

Inah said...

mekasih maz :)

mekasih lily!! :)

@xiM said...

i like your virtual diary..:)

keep posting yaa..

semoga apa yang di hajati akan menjadi kenyataan..


Inah said...

:) axim