8 January 2009

Day 145: Rebound relationship

Salam untuk semua :)

How was your day? Mine was great..meeting with big boss walaupun kat tea room was a success :)..Thanks M, u're such a great man :)


Menonton Ugly Betty tadi dan ada dialog yang menarik untuk dikongsi

Betty: Can we spend time together after this

Gio: Nope

Betty : Why?..u already kissed me, u dance with me, we have fun together and why you dont want to hang out with me?

Gio : I dont want to be a rebound guy, I want to be the GUY :)


What is a rebound relationship?. Rebound relationship normally occurs after the end of an eternal love of a true love. Usually, there will be an emotional confusion.

Rebound relationships serve a purpose: To protect the heart from the devastation of losing someone very important. Like a very big cushion, they protect us from the trauma of the fall which is experienced when a deep connection is abruptly severed. These relationships can be healthy, as long as you remain aware of their purpose and take your time with your new partner. If you're not paying attention, however, a rebound relationship can be unhealthy.

Adapted from Nina Atwood 1997


I really hope I can find the right guy this time, not a guy who seek for a rebound girl :)

Notakaki: Tak sabar nak tunggu mid year :)


Adam said...

hai inah .. =) selamat berblogging .. dah follow ur blog .. hope we can be a good friend =)

a.b geldofg said...


Ms B said...

err inah,

if the guy looks like eric dane, patrick dempsey, orlando bloom or brad pitt, can it be exempted? *grins*

Inah said...

hi there..dak jaat katanya :P..

jgn jadi jahat betul sudey :)

ab : senyum2 je ni..ade ape2 ke..angau kat someone eh?

msB: :)..maybe there's exemption for that :P

Adam said...

nak jer jadi jahat .. my first victim of coz is you.. lol ;p

Inah said...

ayyaks..sila jadi budak baik ok :)

Josh said...

Ehem.. u gonna meet the GUY mid year nih?? Tahniah!

Inah said...

ehh..bukan bukan :P..mid year ni ade plan lagi special :)

Faisal Admar said...

i pernah jadikan orang rebound! tapi i was so desperate :(

MOLY said...

Insya-Allah inah akan bertemu dengan jodoh inah ...

Tapi dalam masa yang sama kita harus berusaha untuk mendapatkannya, tak boleh nak tunggu ia hadir begitu sahaja ...

Bulan 3 tak mo balik ke ??
9hb tuh maulidur rasul kat malaysia ...

hehehehe ....

@xiM said...

talking about rebound...hmmmmmm

i think takder point la nak cakap...

payah nak explain..hehe

ok ok..

dont get involve in Rebound realtionship k..

Take Care..