20 January 2009

Day 157 : When the going get's tough

When Australian ask you

How are you going mate?

They don't want to know where are you going..instead you have to reply

Not too bad or I'm fine :)


Notakaki: Been very busy lately with housekeeping and lab works. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going :)

Notakaki II : I cried last night and having trouble to sleep although I do feel really exhausted. Hope today will be different.

Notakaki III : The house are in a good shape..I mean shiny stove, microwave and oven, tiles and everything. Why?? The agent is coming today to inspect the house. It's a good practice actually when the tenant have to clean the house for inspection. We do sing Raya song..hahahaha!!


Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

Salam Kak Inah =)

When the tough gets going, the going gets tough.

So look at it with open heart. You will smile.

Kak Inah, kalau rasa penat sangat2 dan rasa heavy with problems all around, Kak Inah selawat banyak2. Mesti Kak Inah rasa tenang. I'll pray for your goodness, insya Allah.

aShaBuLz said...

menangis itu perlu pada ketikanya untuk melegakan stress. jadi tak salah kalau menangis...

cuma yang menjadi salah apabila menangis tak ada tisu!! hahaha....nah tisu~


Faisal Admar said...

hope things will get better inah

@xiM said...

best la kosa kata Ozie tuh!!i like!!

a.b geldofg said...