24 January 2009

Day 161 : Sorrow


I guess there's nobody will eventually read this :)

Although I had a blast during tonight's dinner..I guess, deep down in my heart..I do feel a bit sad.

What do u feel when u want to talk to that person before u sleep and u try to call him/her but cant reach..I bet the sms is too expensive just to reply..hi inah..i'm driving..hope u can take care urself..is it too hard?

I guess I know where I stand

People always advice..dont jump into conclusion..but what to do when you feel your presence is not important anymore.

Perhaps, friends come and go..the good one will stay.

Ohh..welcome to my newly changed blog url :)


Ms B said...

Everyone is prone to changes, Inah.

I dont have many friends but the ones I have is enough to keep my sanity. *winks*

Take care!

Inah said...

thanks ms B..how did u found my blog?