27 January 2009

Day 164 : Disastrous week

Hi there

Been very busy lately with lab works :)

Just want to put random pics for last week :)

Went to IKEA :)

Having some pizza :) - better than Pizza Hut - trust me :)

Parade during Australia Day (26/1/09)

Brazilian team :) - parade at Pulteney Street (26/1/09)

Coffee at Gloria Jeans :)

Our lab and Erin as the model :P

Gosh..so damn tired today. It's really hot this week - 40 degrees and above. Hot, dehydrated, dizzy, migraine, stranded at Union House corridor, meeting with supervisors, dateline, what more you can ask for to complete this disastrous week. Hope I can survive.

Ohh..my housemate will leave me on Thursday - Saturday. I'm going to be all alone in Anzac :P.

I'll be fine :)


Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

Lonely week awaiting u ahead. Plus the hot weather, hope I won't hear any news u play the Hindustan song and get yourself dressed up in Sari just to have a thin attire at home. Wihii. Sometime, it's nice to have our own time alone at home. Hope u enjoy your days when they aren't there. Anzac is all yours! =)

Inah said...

yeah..hindustan song?? err..naahh..i'll be fine as always :)

wearing sleeveless shirt masa tidur..tu pun still hot..aiseh..panas gilak :)

seorang di rumah?? apa nak buat?? maybe masak2 then ajak kawan mai umah :)

shahril aley said...

lawa la erin
krim salam ye
awek mana tu?

Inah said...

erkk..dia dah ade partner la aley :P