28 January 2009

Day 165 : HOT

Hi there

Petikan dari Yahoo news.

Adelaide's temperature topped 45 degrees on Wednesday with the city heading for its hottest week in 100 years.

The furnace-like conditions were forecast to continue until at least Sunday, likely giving the city six days in a row above 40 celsius for the first time since 1908, after Tuesday's top of 43.2c.

Wednesday's high was also closing in on the city's all-time record of 46.1c set on January 12, 1939.

Last March Adelaide had a record long heatwave with 15 consecutive days above 35c.

But as the city sweltered, conditions further north were even worse with some outback centres reporting temperatures above 50c, prompting health authorities to urge all South Australians to take extreme care.

SA's chief medical officer Paddy Phillips said the elderly, babies and young children were most at risk.

" South Australia is now braced for the first heatwave of the year, and we're advising people to take precautions during the extreme heat to remain cool and hydrated," Professor Phillips said.

Now..can I survive?? ayyooo..kenapa la teruk sangat summer ni :(


shahril aley said...

tak payah bersenam @ pi sauna la
jalan skit mesti berpeluh
minum banyak air kosong ye

Inah said...

baik boss!! :P

Anonymous said...

pengalaman berpanas di M'sia mungkin boleh dijadikan bekalan...

Ms B said...

Once it was close to or more than 40 deg in Melbourne when I was studying there.

Just make sure you have a bottle of water all the time.