4 February 2009

Day 172 : Real friend

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out


Burst into tears last night :)

Well..i have to..send few emails to say sorry..we'll see how it goes. If there's no respond, well, that's it I guess..Life must go on :)


shahril aley said...

sesuatu perkara berlaku ade hikmanya
pandanglah kepada sudut positif
agar ia menjadi pendorong hidup

azizi said...

actually, i believe something went wrong.
but, again people come and go.
if they come back to you, they are yours.
otherwise, you have to walk.
pain, but you have to walk.

Inah said...

thanks aley :)

azizi : i believe that too..but i did put aside the diff and say sorry..no respond at all..perhaps its a sign for me to stop hoping

i have to walk :)