18 February 2009

Day 185 : Mum..I missed you :)

Hello there readers :)

Reading my bro's blog and he was telling about mum's cooking..and now thanks to him, i'm drooling for the best chicken curry and nasi beriani!! It's in Taman Permata!!

Mum..you're the best..cant wait to see you in 2 months time!! I missed my mum n dad a LOT!! Not to forget..Farid, Abeyam and Abeaie..this bunch of people is my family..my small family and I'm proud of it!! :)

Mum..I know sometimes I'm not a good daughter..but I dont know how to tell you that I loved you so much and care for you!! It's a bless to have you as my mum although sometimes you're being too protective and too emotional. But I guess..that is you :). Things are not perfect but for you everything must be perfect. I cant really tell you my problems..remember the moment I bring Izham to the house and you are questioning him like a police..hahahahhaa..those were the days :). Do you remember when we take turn to wait at the hospital when dad was warded few years back? Do you remember you always wait for me when I need to stay up and study and prepare a big glass of MILO or Horlicks just for me? Do you remember when you stood outside of the class when I'm in standard 1 becuase you were so scared that I'm going to cry :)

Mum..do you still remember when I told you I'm already 26 years old and know how to differentiate good and bad things? and you cried one night because of that..I am so sorry for that..I guess I never know how it feels because I'm not a mum..

Mum..I missed you!! heheheh..rindu nak kena marah :P..hahahaaha


Going to have a small celebration today with my housemate because both of us had submitted the proposal!! Yippieee :)


dr itu! said...

kak inah~~

bul pon wendukan mama gak!

xdapat nak pulang sebab bz ngan lab work n exam~~ sadis!

Inah said...

hehehe..rilek2..masih dalam malaysia :D

Faisal Admar said...

sometimes, its good to be separated for a while. it will make you feel how much you love someone :)

mom is always the queen of our heart right? :)

Ms B said...

you are going back again? :D I remember I used to go back only once a year, even less now (just too lazy to go back and the long haul).

eh, try making briyani. i'm sure u can make it. :)