26 February 2009

Day 193 : Inspirational Story

Got this from Azizi's Blog

An inspirational story

Are you going to finish it strong?

Watch this!!

Dont compare our problem with others. Try to solve it one by one. Get up and be strong!!

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Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

Salam Kak Inah.

Sorry for the long silence. I am still at the peak of the year. Busy Ya Rabbi can't describe it. But I still follow your current stories from Down Under ;)

I've watched the video. At 1st I feel touched (almost crying) but when I browsed a few more videos related to this fella, I found out he's one of the spokeperson for Christian. How fortunate we are if there are Muslims who can do the same thing as what he does.

Thanks for sharing Kak Inah! Take care ok =)