5 March 2009

Day 200 : Spend some money

Hello readers

Hari ni hari yang ceria :)

Managed to complete all the experiments successfully

Managed to hang out with Graziela - Brazilian friend and introduced her to chicken rice and bubble tea - a must try food in Adelaide :P

Managed to spend money at Harbour Town - hahahaha..

Let's see what did I buy

Hehehe..it's for me :P

For my elder bro :)

For my lil bro :)

This one is for me :) - belt yang cantik hanya 3 dollar :)

And beg Care Bears - gift from K Awan n K Riza :)

TQ so much sis!!

Some view from Harbour Town (pic taken from previous visit)

One of the shops


Not so many people..maybe because of the recession

And coffee club - a must if you are a coffee addict!!

Nota I : Tomorrow will have to go for radiation..not for me..but for the cells i'm working with :)

Nota II : Esok mau masak ape la rasanya..penat pikir nak masak ape..i wonder how mum can actually thinks what she wanna cook every single day :)


Faisal Admar said...

The Emo Kid is so cute haha! Are you?

Inah said...

hahaha i am :)

[danial][ma] said...

hej! Inah...why not you cook chicken with button mushroom...half kilo of chicken thigh, cut into small pieces, 100gm button small size mushroom so no need to cut it anymore, two big onion, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, crushed pepper...taddaaaaa...

[danial][ma] said...

oopppsss...and chicken cube...;-)

atengbest said...

nak satu..... =p

Ms B said...

hi inah,

i tried leaving comments, twice! failed each time. isy....

anyway, my friend said recently,'the interest rate for savings is so low that it is wise for us to spend!'. *grins*

Jumper said...

Great shopping & spending spree.. It must've been a celebration to mark your 200th day of walking the line. All I want to say...Keep your kasut buruk on the ground and keep on going, mate! And by the way no shopping for a new pair? Perhaps on the 300th day, yeah.

Inah said...

ohh..today i managed to eat nasi kerabu la danial :D..bestnya!!

ateng: huhuh :P

msB : yeap..spend wisely :)

jumper : ohh..kasut buruk had a new replacement already :)..hahahah..a brand new FILA shoes :D