8 March 2009

Day 203 : Weekend activity

Hello readers

Happy Sunday!!

Just got back from a friend's house..they are having a makan-makan session..and i provide them with SOLOK LADA and brownies :P

hahahaha..i guess you can actually challenge yourself when you have the will to do it..it's either u have the will or not ;)


Yesterday I went out with one of my friend. We supposed to go out in the morning til late evening to one of my favourite place..Granite Island

But in the end, I'm stuck in the lab and had to prepare the solok lada..so we went out at night :P

From Hungry Jack (Anzac Highway) to Coffee Club (Henley Beach) to Mawson Lakes to Flinders to Victor Harbour (but cancel our crazy plan :P) to Semaphore to Salisbury Highway and back to Anzac Highway. From 9 pm to 3 am. Hahahaha..but it was a nice ride and nice chat about life and research. I really enjoy the trip :).

The best thing is when I can release the stress when looking to the stars. It was amazing :)

A pic of Semaphore taken from internet as I didnt bring my camera last night :P

Then 3 am - 4 am - sambung preparation of solok lada :P

4 am - 630 am - sleep

630 am - 730 am - prepare ikan celup tepung :P

730 am - 8 am - bath and kemas rumah

8 am - 4 pm - co-host at makan-makan session :P

4 pm - and now here I am..feels a bit dizzy..wanna have a nap now i think :P

Ohh..I supposed to go to the lab but I cant force myself today :P. After all, I had an awesome weekend. Thank you to whom it may concern :)

Tomorrow I'll go to the lab to resume my work :)

Note : Tomorrow is a public holiday for Adelaide - Adelaide Cup

Note II : I discover myself as a talented housewife as I can cook well, I can tolerate with kids (I mean the kids loved me..seriously..hahahaha), I can do laundry and house cleaning, I'm a smart girl but maybe not pretty enough to find the right man :P. Oh well, I guess maybe there will be someone for me out there :).


Anonymous said...

solok lada tu apa ye?

ihiks~ :D

Inah said...

solok lada makan dgn nasi kerabu le abg gen :P

Faisal Admar said...

Solok Lada? I don't know what's that? Mine to explain? :D

Hehe I agree at the p/s part. You are a talented housewife to be!!!

Inah said...

:P..ayyoohh..solok lada pun x dikenali ke :P

talented housewife? i wish somebody can realize that :P

sepul said...

thanx 4 the wish.
solok lada tu sedap mcm brownies ke?