10 March 2009

Day 205 : Teaser

Teaser for the upcoming trip :P

Hello there..now..wait for me!!!

Ok..i'm ready now!! :)

To the right!!

To the left!! :P


Now..guess where is the animal in this pic and what is it :D


Nota I : I missed my housemate

Nota II : I cried today :)..deleted my previous entry as I try hard to be positive and to keep the sanity :)


Faisal Admar said...

Is your study make you stress like this? :)

Be happy dear.

Is it a beaver?

Inah said...

not a beaver :P

err..how do u know i'm stress?? :)

Ms B said...

Oh, u should come to our parks. Mini B simply loves feeding the squirrels. sometimes she waits and waits but they remain in their homes. probably still having their winter slumber.

Cheer up k!

Inah said...

hehehe..i will one day MsB!! :D

this is meerkat :)..i love them!!

will cheer up when i see all the animals :)..hahahaha..so easy to make me smile :)

Jumper said...

Cheer up, mate! The meerkat in the movie Madagascar are the happiest lot. So try to dance like 'em. Come on...move and sweat your body...to the right...to the left. Perhaps in the next entry, we should see you in the act instead of the meerkat...

Inah said...

hehehe..act like meerkat?? arghhh..nooo :P

cheer up inah!! hohoho :P