11 March 2009

Day 206 : Achievements

Hello readers!!

How was your Wednesday? Mine was fine as always :)


Can't wait for :

- my housemate to come back :)
- the trip
- the morning bus (people in FB will know why :P)
- Confession of a Shopaholic - movie

Somehow I wonder what I'm doing here actually. Being here, all alone. Independent? sort of. Running away from problems? I do hope when I clashed with my ex (wanna runaway far - stranded in the land of down under). Am I great? Nope. Am I smart girl? I am :). Do I ever have the dream of living far away from my family? You bet :)..

Living in a foreign country is tough and doing your PhD is another thing.


Reaching for 7 months in my PhD. What have I achieved so far??

- poster publication in an international conference (hopefully!!)
- proposal submitted
- data for cell death and DNA damage - to be submitted before August (I hope!!)
- review paper - literature - to be submitted before June

= 2 peer-reviewed paper to be completed and 1 poster presentation at ICN 09

Tell me now..how can I travel across the country with all the paperworks and experiments? :)


Faisal Admar said...

It's a big achievement to reach at this level you know ;) I mean PHD.

Thanks for giving me support for further study.

Never too late. I know.

dr itu! said...


hebat la~ semoga bahagia di sana

Inah said...

Faisal : I always support all my friend :). Somehow I failed to be a good friend as I thought I can be :|

ahaqimi : ayayayaya..bese2 je ni :)