17 March 2009

Day 212 : The Last Lecture

Inspired by Randy Pausch - The Last Lecture, this is my list of childhood dreams :)

1. Being a doctor

- well, although i'm not a medical doctor (God knows how much I want it!!) but now I'm working hard for the title and I believe I can be one :)

2. Travelling oversea

- having a dad that worked as a teacher, we lived in moderate. Cukup makan, cukup pakai. I have never been travelling with family nor friends. But now..here I am, living in a foreign country and my travel plans? just wait and see :)

3. Driving a Camry

- Living here makes every car is a dream come true. Camry? Lancer? Yaris?? You name it..I drove it already :D

4. To have my own house with a mini library in it

- This dream will have to wait..maybe in 3 years time ;)..hopefully :)

5. Skiing

- Hahahahaa..we'll see about this ;)

There you go..mungkin tak sehebat orang lain but I would love to know what are these people childhood dreams. Can I make it as a tag?

I really wanted to know Sarah's, Azizi's, Ms B's, Jumper's and Danial's childhood dreams. Please please :)

Nota I : I'm very pleased when my previous entry was quoted in Sarah's new entry. It's amazing how your sincere words can affect others :)

Nota II : My lab terbakar tadi..kecoh semua orang..hahahahah :D


Ms B said...

oh no!!!! *rolling eyes*

right...need to get myself back in time to remember such things.

Anonymous said...

uikkss.. lab terbakar?

sape lah punya kerja ye? inah ke? thehe

Inah said...

hehehe..it's not too difficult i guess ;)

abg gen : yg peliknya..inah tak sedar pun masa ade asap tu..depa ckp depa dah berkumpul..inah je tinggal dlm lab tu..ayooo..hahahaha

CAHAYA said...

I love traveling so much. And I like your mini library idea. I guess you have to start now, right?

p/s: I love to read. Mostly novels. But, I've noticed my collection sort of 'menyusut' due to financial. Terpaksa jual buku. Huhu. Sedih.

p/s/s: Lab terbakar? You've got to be kidding. Everything okay kan?

Eh. Hi Inah. lol. :P I'll definitely come back.

[danial][ma] said...

hej! Inah...hahahaha...i have millions of childhood dream and i don't think i can't list them all...all my childhood dreams evolved and changed throughout my life but i can sum up it all...i dream to have a decent life, with great love, great peace, and hope to live in Noddy land...nothing much...;-)

i love noddy...heeeyaaaa...and now hope to live in futurama time...hahahaha...see, the dreams keep coming...well, people will die when they stop dreaming...keep dreaming, and you will have something to look forward and keep you kicking...

Faisal Admar said...

The 2.4 Camry eh? Cute! I wonder when can I drive it too ;)

After this do I need to call you Dr Inah? ;) It has been a while since we talked last yeah? ;)

Skiing? I'd like to learn too... same goes with piano hehe.

Inah said...

cahaya : u do love reading..we can share some books i guess :)

lab terbakar - i'm fine..hehehehe :D

travelling? - maybe we can travel together one day ;)

danialma : Noddy land?? wallawei..thats really a dream ;)..yeah..keep on dreaming..perhaps one of my dream will be true this august ;)

faisal: u can always call me hon :P..meh blajar main ski kat sini..60 dollar je ;)

Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

Oh my! Skiing? Kak Inah nak tau, saya dah nak dekat 6 tahun duk sini pun tak pernah skiing lagi. Malas nak sakitkan badan. Hehe.

Kak Inah, banyak je yang dah sama ni. Kena buat jugak ke saya ni? Ok ok. Saya dah tak larat study ni. Maka, sejerus selepas ini saya akan buat. Huhu. Skema sungguh ayat saya =p