20 March 2009

Day 215 : Happy Birthday to my Best Buddy :)

A special post dedicated to my dear friend


Knowing you is such a bless

Remember masa mula2 kenal?? I was scolded and you were there too..hahahaha..those were the days. First impression I thought you are shy and brilliant girl. Well, who will work with Dr S that time, unless he or she is brave enough to handle him :P.

Anyway, I won't forget the time that I want to quit my Masters and you were there several times..to listen, to advice, having faith in me and here I am now..thanks to you..I'm enjoying every bit of my PhD.

From KL to Penang, Malacca, Genting, Sunway, F1, Yankies Hut, Bangi, KLCC, Times Square, Chicken Hut, Kenny Rogers, McD Jalan Pahang (hahahaha), KP Lab, Biocompatibility Lab and of course Hassan Shah..I never forget how strong the bonding are. I guess our friendship is very sincere and I do missed you gal!!

Your laughter, your company, your smile, your spirit, your hardwork..wallaweeii..I missed you and the rest of the lab members.

Because today’s your birthday,

And because you’re extra nice,

One wish is not enough for you

And so here’s wishing twice…

Hoping your Birthday’s wonderful
In every single way

And next year brings happiness
For you day after day

Happy Birthday

~I missed you gal!!~

Nota I : Terperangkap dalam lif kat Eleanor Harrald Building - Kak da..I won't take that lift again :(

Nota II : Sending someone at the airport tomorrow..someone important in my life here :(

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