23 March 2009

Day 218 : Monday manic

Hello readers!!

How was your Monday? Mine was tiring but fun :). Spent almost the whole day in microscope room and bunker lab ;).

Then got home and managed to cook sambal sardin - my dinner, my breakfast and my lunch for tomorrow :). That's not really what I want to share..

Called my mum and dad and mum was nagging me on don't ever fall in love with Africans/ Arabs here..hahahaha..(I regret telling her that Africans actually always smiled to me and want to change HP number and in fact one of them already asked me for my hand :P)

I just listened to mum because she tends to imagine a vision on what may happen in the future. Not to say it's not good but mum tends to think a lot. I mean a lot :P

Talking to daddy was the best part. His comforting voice, his calmness, his laughter..goshh :)..I missed him!! When I complained about how I've been very busy compared to other PhD students, my dad just said..

Well..my dear, it's good to be busy and you know what..there's an idiom in english :

Idleness is the root of all evil

Dad's thought keep me thinking hard on what I suppose to do here. Betulkan nawaitu!!

Henley Beach 09


Nota I : Do you know vocalist of The Fray is handsome and COOL!!

Nota II : Do you know I tend to hug something before I sleep..for the time being my garfield :)

Nota III : Do you know how much we can saved by bringing our own food for lunch ;)


Faisal Admar said...

Are you into African? That's the question hehe.

Inah said...

hahahaha..no i'm not ;)

AporN said...

Nota IV : Do u know the sky is nice?

mr. hafis said...

thx for the idiom. That means a lot.
oh, i think u should note about the malays too, my pick for you is,

"kalau dah jodoh, en africa pun diterima".

ever heard of it?


CAHAYA said...

Haha. My mum also had the same trauma when I was in MMU few years back. MMU was quite full with Arabs and Africans. :)

Inah said...

aporn : i noticed that ;)

mr hafis : i haven't heard that idiom before..hahahaha


cahaya : hahaha..i guess every mum is the same ;)

Faisal Admar said...

Ah... talking about African I know the northern ones are fair. Which one are we referring to?

Inah said...

hahahaha..the somalian :P

Faisal Admar said...

Oh ok.

So, how's your ang mor hunting? LOL.

Ms B said...

*LOL* This reminds me of what my dad used to say when i was an undergrad, "u can date as many aussies as u want but just make sure they are flings. the husband material should be a malay".

oh, btw, she is a few months away of being 8.

Inah said...

what is ang mor faisal?? :P

ohh..husband is a diff case is it?? today i learned how to dance with a new caledonian hot guy..hahahahah :P..lucky thing he got gf already..if not sure i can flirt with him..:P

she is 8 this year ;)..i wish i can meet her one day :)

Faisal Admar said...

Ang mor = Mat salleh :P