24 March 2009

Day 219 : Fetuccini anyone?

Hello all :)

Balik lab jam 9.30 pm tadi dan berjaya masak Fetuccini Olio :D

Recipe :

- Cook fetuccini for 11 minutes and drain it
- Saute garlic and chilli flakes with olive oil
- Add in marinara mix (fish, prawns, cuttlefish), fish ball, a can of tuna and extra prawn :P
- Add in fetuccini
- Add in salt, pepper and parsley

There you go..within 15 minutes..tonight's dinner, and also breakfast and lunch for Wednesday

Troubleshoot : My fetuccini is not that greasy, perhaps should add more olive oil to it ;)..but it still can be eaten :)

Taste : 4/5 :D


Nota I : My experiment worked perfectly today :). Alhamdulillah

Nota II : I spend approximately 9 hours in the lab every single day and that includes weekend ;)

Nota III : Close encounter with aboriginal people today..gosh..I'm scared!! Lucky thing K Da was around..Thanks K Da!!


Faisal Admar said...

Why are you afraid of aboriginal? Did they scare you with something?

Just reached home from badminton and I'm hungry by looking at the food!

I wanna try someday!

Inah said...

aboriginal people..yeap..they do scare me :(..

wanna try? perhaps can buy from italiano shop ;)

dunhill@*london-paris-new york* said...

can i have a plate?? ;p.. hhuhuhuhuhu.. :)

mr. hafis said...

oh, menawan. :)

atengbest said...

nak jugak....

CAHAYA said...

Wah! I plak tiba2 teringin carbonara olio kat KLCC foodcourt.

**Imagine spaghetti olio, pastu letak sauce carbonara sesenduk. hehe.

azizi said...

sedap nampak.