28 March 2009

Day 223 : Changes

Hello readers

Yesterday I had a fruitful meeting with my SV. Discussions, planning, future directions. Gosh, I wish I can complete everything he asked me to do.

And now, I'm in the lab..trying to write draft of my literature to be submitted for publication. Having my 10 minutes break and feel wanna write something here ;)


A few changes I noticed

- When I'm stressed, I'll find K da - hahahaha..sorry K da :P (note- K da is my labmate)

- I can have just sandwiches for lunch (kalo kat Malaysia - sure nasi campur :P)

- I can wear anything I wanted to - T-shirt, jeans and sport shoes..really convenient (kalo kat Malaysia - tudung perlu sedondon dengan baju yang dipakai..kasut kena heels or sandals)

- I'm loving my MP3 Player (perhaps can buy Ipod after this :P)

- I am more independent - memasak, planning my research, planning my 'things to do for everyday'

- I learned a lot about friendship and relationship :)

- I learned to admit my mistakes and learned to forgive and forget (if dulu, i can forgive but can't forget)

- I adopted australian accent already..yippiee!! :)

- I'm losing my weight ;)

There you go..7 months being in a foreign land :P


Nota - Don't forget to switch off your light tonight ;)


CAHAYA said...

agreed about Malaysian so-called 'dress code'. You have to be 'sedondon' always. Haha. But, I don't care. I just wear anything I like wherever I am.

atengbest said...

wah... dah kurus ke?

Anonymous said...

cemana 7 bulan ni inah dah kurus...ni jeles ni..

kita yg 5 bulan kt kota singa ni makin embam laaa...uwaaaa!!!

CATZ said...

losing weight?..bravo!!jeles..jeles..jeles ni..

Inah said...

cahaya : good for u!! ;)

ateng, sue and catz : lose weight tak bermakna dah kurus..cuma dah kurang saiz badan. ;)

dunhill@*london-paris-new york* said...

hurmmm.. :) yeah it is good to forget.. but it takes some time to really forgive and forget.. it is hurt.. tapi nak buat apa mengenang rite.. take one step ahead, and move on... :)