1 April 2009

Day 227 : This ain't a joke

It's April Fool today. It was supposed to be. But lucky for me..nothing happened today :)

Everybody was so committed with their work and they dont even make any fool to anyone ;)


But the decision I've made..this ain't a joke

I've decided to do something

A minor surgery..hopefully.

Before it become worst.


Pray for me


Nota I : Abeyam - if you read this, don't tell ma and daddy

Nota II : Sometimes, we may look happy all the time..but who knows what actually happened inside

Nota III : Another 29 days to go :)


atengbest said...

what surgery????

Jumper said...

Good thinking. It's better to act now before it's too late.
Hope you're OK now.

[danial][ma] said...

hej! Inah...another 17 days to go...hehehehehe...;-)

[danial][ma] said...
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dr itu! said...


kak dah lama tak singgah sebab hilang add akak..

waa...sakit per nie... wisau plaks..

thanx bg semangat.. tgh tulis ni, baru lepas tulis untuk exp1. tggal discussion utk exp 2 dan 3 pulak...

hurmm.. susah nak dapat jurnal pasal ekstrak bunga cengkih..sadis..

sihat cepat taw!

CAHAYA said...

surgery apakah? risau la pulak!

Win said...

hi Inah, once I had a surgery and after that my mom had me drink lots of juice `gamat' (which tasted a bit like raspeberrry juice)...kak win

Faisal Admar said...

now you make me worry.
what surgery inah?
sms me details please :(

Anonymous said...

ada masa we have to face it on our own term..

dah biasa lalui keadaan sebegitu sampaikan ada orang merajuk lagi


be strong... that's all I can say.


CATZ said...

hi Inah,
u ok ke?
good luck ok..hope eveything ok..

Inah said...

ateng : a minor surgery :)

jumper : appointment with the DOCTOR will be on this Tuesday ;)

pray for me yea :)

danial : waaaah..17 days to go where? :P

Inah said...

kimi : akak akan pastikan sihat dengan cepat..lalalalala :)

cahaya : a minor one :)

kak win: eeiuuuu..i hate recovering stage after surgery :P

faisal : let me take all the burden..i dont wanna share this thing with anyone :) even my parents :)

just pray for me :)

abg gen : thanks mate!!i know how u feel :)