12 April 2009

Day 238 : Trivia

Hello readers!!

How are you feeling today?

Mine was awesome..as usual I'm spending the whole day in my lab..perhaps i'll become a lab rat one day :P.

Do you have this one song stuck in ur head and when you listen to it..you will actually sing it?? OMG..I did that in the bus on the way back home. Biasanya, dalam bilik mikroskop..bila aku dengar lagu ni..sure aku akan menyanyi...automatically!!. Anywhere..while walking, while sitting in front of the microscope, while studying, while watching TV etc!!

Trivia for you!!

Which song will drive me crazy like this :

A. Bukti - Fiq
B. Kal Ho Na Ho - Kal Ho Na Ho Soundtrack
C. It's Gonna Be Me - Nsync
D. Show me the meaning of being lonely - Backstreet boys

Guess Guess Guess :P


Nota I : I can do things beyond my limit

Nota II : I can do things unpredictable

Nota III : Dont dare me..I may be consider to do bungee jumping this year..hahahaha :P


Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

It's Gonna Be Me by Nsycn? Hehehe. Saya tak tau kenapa. Tapi macam terbayang2 yang lagu ni macam catchy dan best untuk dikaraokekan secara solo walau di mana kita berada =D

Takkan Kal Ho Na Ho kot? Hihi.

Inah said...

ade lagi ke yang mahu meneka?? esok kita tahu jawapannya :D

atengbest said...


dr itu! said...


ker ni format betol salah?

mr. hafis said...

i think the answer would be D.


Inah said...

ateng : JOm JOm..bulan 11 ni..ok!!

kimi : :P..format soalan objektif je :)

en hafis : err..wrong!! :)

the answer is It's Gonna Be Me by Nsync!! :)..Sarah and Kimi je betul ;)

mr. hafis said...


Inah said...


Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

Yeay! Betul! A good mind reader, am I not? Hihik.

It's just that we're in the same era. What you feel ease to listen to, that will be my choice too. It may not apply to all but in certain things, yet it does.

"Every little thing I do
Never seems enough for you
You don't wanna lose it again
But I'm not like them.
Baby, when you finally
Get to love somebody
Guess what.
It's gonna be me"