25 April 2009

Day 251 : Happiness

Live from the lab :)

If you see my profile..

I wrote

I'm just an average girl, looking for happiness in life..will I have that?

Perhaps its granted :)

Thank you God!!


Terharu bila ada someone yang call every night and every morning..just to wake me up for pray. What a guy.

Terharu when he said for once, he actually wanna pray for someone he didn't know..just to make sure that the girl is blessed and safe in a foreign country

Terharu when he said..berdoalah dengan hati..bukan dengan perkataan..

Maybe some of you will said..oh well, he just an ordinary guy, people can play with words. Somehow, I can sense his sincerity this time.

Hope for the best :). We'll see how it goes..


Nota I : A friend of mine said why do you wanna do bungee jumping..are you insane?

Nota II : A friend of mine said why do you wanna do bungee jumping, are you not happy?

Nota III : A friend of mine said why do you wanna kill yourself with bungee jumping :P


Anonymous said...

cissss... dia pun ada planning nak terjun bungee..


Kembara Musafir said...

another friend says... you wanna do bungee jumping...? you go girl....!! :) live life, have fun, work hard, play hard....!! :)

mr. hafis said...




Inah said...

abg gen : once in a lifetime..i wanna challenge myself :)

life is short..do what you can to enjoy it :)

KK : hehehe..i'll do it this year..gonna mark up my achievement for 2009 :P

mr hafis : we'll see how it goes first :)

Unknown said...

eh bila nak jump?


you jump, i jump (kalau i turn sana lah)