29 April 2009

Day 255 : Chicken Dance

Selamat Pagi semua!!

Last day of work before I can have my own self declared break..gosh..what a drilling meeting yesterday..yes..they are drilling me..almost cried in the meeting..oh well, the dinner saved me from having a bad day.

I had the best dinner with my labmates and joined with other Malaysian and Korean friend. No pictures are taken..want to keep myself and the rest low this time :).

Going to have heaps of work to settle today.

Till then..have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Ohh..besides my brother's blog (you can read his journey to Mekah recently)..you might also want to read my lil bro's blog..i wonder why did he choose to blog because he actually said blogging is boring..eat ur own words la farid..hahahaa..tak best..mari kita makan BigMac!! :D


Nota I : Mari berjoget chicken dance

Nota II : Lega rasanya lepas meeting

Nota III : Risau juga nak naik flight because of the swine flu now..mmmm


Adam said...

chicken dance? camne tuw? ahhahaha!

Anonymous said...


org yang selalu ckp blogging is lame la bagai ialah orang yang akan ketagih dok blog..


mana tahan beb tgk semua member dok tercangok depan pc tulis blog.


Inah said...

dak jaat : hohoho..chicken dance dibuat bila rasa happy :)

abg gen : perhaps he is trying to kill his time :)