21 May 2009

Day 277 : Jom senyum :)

Hi all!!

Dah abis emo..sudah2 la tu kan Inah :P..I had a wonderful lunch tadi with my UKM mates at Korean Bulgogi, Pantai Junction. Enjoying the food, chit chatting with friends and lecturers..it feels great :)

Tomorrow will be going to KLCC to buy Nike Air shoes (purposely for this reason) and a not to be missed dinner with family.

On Saturday, I'll be going to a wedding. Again, a must go event and at night, I'll be departing to Adelaide.

Part of me feel a bit sad to leave Malaysia but part of me feel a bit relieved..i can catch up with my work again. People who claimed to know me will know how serious I am with my work and how passionate I am with my research. 

So..Adelaide, here I come!!.

To any particular person that i couldnt meet during this holiday (Faz, Catz, Wawa and my UKM colleagues), I'm really sorry. Perhaps, we can meet in 2010 or 2011 :). 

To A, M and Z : What more I can say..the movies, the HK trip, all the precious moments was so memorable (I'm weeping now :P). Thanks guys!! Although I'll be far away after this, do keep in touch!!. I love you guys so much..you know that and no words can describe how I feel :). For some reason, i believe this bond will stay :).


Anyway, just wanna share with you some of the pics during my trip to HK :)

Jom senyum!!


Tingginya pasangan Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie ni :P

At Disney station

From Sky Terrace

My travel mates :)

At Avenue of Stars

In MRT to Disneyland

With the first Chinese astronaut - Maddame Tussaud (Wax Museum)

Saddam Hussein

My fav actor!! :)


Nota I : I'm going back this Saturday..the holiday went well..i learned a lot and what I can say is trust your instinct :)..no regret :)

Nota II : I'm proud with myself because now I have someone that I can count on whenever and in whatever situation

Nota III : Budget traveller?? That is how I would describe myself. Total amount of money (excluding souvenir for this trip) is only RM 850 (accomodation, makan2, transportation plus ticket to The Peak and Madame Tussaud)

Nota IV : 2011 will be our next BIG project :)..we'll see about that


Mrs.Sheikh said...

uiks.. 850 ajo?
biar betul... kalo kite dah sah2 tak reti budget!

shahril aley said...

babai inah...
au revoir :)

Mediviron UOA Clinic said...


who's ur favourite actor? i can't recognise the patung la


Jumper said...

It's great knowing that you're now happy having the well-spent holidays and they're wisely-budgeted too. Superb!

And please come prepared for the upcoming and unavoidable moment of 'emo' when you're losing the sight of your loved ones as you head down the custom check with unbearable vacuum in your heart. This airport departure syndrome (ADS)hurts me everytime I walk that line... But thankfully the ADS is short-lived, I bet you'll get to Down Under fully charged and happy :-)

Inah said...

husna : ari tu tukar 1000..dapat 2000 HKdollar..then cukup je duit tu sampai boleh guna utk beli souvenir sume.. :)..bergantung pd kita nak travel gaya mcm mana..leisure, backpacker or expensive..for me, its enough to explore HK itself :)

aley : bye2 dear..thanks for everything :)

chen : ayyak..sgt terkenal ok pelakon itu :P

Inah said...

jumper : thanks for your kind words :)..hehehe..ADS symptom will definitely affect me :)

anyway, i'm fully charged now and ready to start working in the lab :)

Zulkifli Brawi said...

Inah,bye bye..InsyaAllah,hujung tahun ni kita berjumpa k..

Hi Mrs. Sheikh,i nak nyebok sikit..Perbelanjaan memang tak lebih dari rm1000.00 pun..

Kami cut cost dari segi penginapan untuk beberapa hari.dok guesthouse pun ok je..
yelah,traveller yang kita sedia maklum lebih mengutamakan tempat yang dikunjungi berbanding penginapan yang mewah..
Lainlah kalau nak g honeymoon..tu tak campur..hehe..

dlordofir said...

penginapan = rm350

pengangkutan ( airport bus A21 sampai betul2 depan pintu tempat tinggal, mrt pergi disneyland, ferry ) = rm100

makan + minum ( nasik briyani setiap hari okeh!! kedai lain2 plak tuu.. ) = rm120++

disneyland = rm165

madame tussaud = rm75

sky terrace + the peak's tram = rm24

round up total = rm850

happiness!! = priceless!! :) :)

nanti kita travel lagi k!! :)

Inah said...

zoul : hehehe..yeap..see u in october :)

x salah duk guesthouse :)..bersih, comfortable and convenient :)

nak sewa hotel mahal boleh ajo..duk je kat mandarin oriental..that is a leisure :)

encik MNN : hehehehe..bagi details sudey :P..alamak..siap perincian budget :D

best2 travel with u..next time travelling with u?? definitely..no regret at all :)

thanks for being such a good friend..masa inah sakit on the last day tu..inah really terharu with ur concern :)

kawan masa susah dan senang..u can count on me :)

Inah said...

ohh lupa..what money can't buy : HAPPINESS :)

loved u guys!!