30 May 2009

Day 286 : Adelaide in my heart :P

Jom tengok Adelaide :)

As you know Adelaide is a small city in South Australia but it's really a good place for student. 

Some history on Adelaide.

- Adelaide is a planned city and capital of South Australia. It was found in 1836.

- First found by Kaurna (Aboriginal tribes) before European interest start to set in

Jalan2 Adelaide city

My daily dosage..serius..setiap hari kena pergi to this supermarket :P

While waiting - Rundle Arcade

Adelaide - years back :P

@ Hindley Street


Nota I : Another two days away for winter - yeap winter will start on 1/6

Nota II : It's getting colder day by day

Nota III : I'm down with the flu. Winter flu I guess


:: NbC :: said...

wish to be there one day, insyallah.
hey, u take care.

Inah said...

thanks sis :)

CAHAYA said...

Get well soon with whatever flu you're having right now. It's funny right because we have like tonnes of name, just for flu. :)

Inah said...

the fact that flu have several types of viral causing agent, it need different treatment for each serotype :)

mine is i think because of the weather but need some antiviral drug to help me to recover :)

thanks dear :)

Unknown said...

muehehehe dpt gak masuk balik :p

hmm do take pictures of what you eat there laaa.. bende2 we take for granted, kadang2 so different from there and here

Inah said...

hehehe..malas nak amik gambar makanan :)..bukannya rajin pun nak masak :)