10 June 2009

Day 297 : Hectic Day

Hello readers!! How was your Wednesday? Mine was hectic..that's what I wish for and I got it :)

My friend used to remind me - be careful with what you wish for..you might get it :)

Just wanna share with something on my desk that always make me smile when I stuck on a journal or reading an article

Key chain - a gift from Z - it's actually part of it..another part is with someone special to me :)

Snowball from Disneyland HK - if you want to have some fun with friends and family - wanna feel young again - you can always make a visit to this Disneyland - small but memorable :)


Nota I : Update agak pendek - just want to say I'm good, a bit busy but that is life as a student

Nota II : I discover something - when I'm stress, I always cook something :)

Nota III : I'm loving dark chocolate - a good source for antioxidant :)


shahril aley said...

comeynye key chain tu
sapa la yg dapat tu? :)
beruntung die dapat kawan baik mcm ko, Z & M
jelesnya aku :D

zafi said...

well u did cooked when stress? what a coincidence though! hahahahhahaha makan2...

Inah said...

aley : sudah gaharu cendana pula, sudah tahu bertanya pulek...nak kena nih :P

zarul : hehehe..mari makan2 :D

Anonymous said...

leceh la kalau stress keja nak masak je.. apa barang? kalau stress terus makan je.. hehe.. pi mekdi ke, KFC ke, pi borong sate kajang ke.. haha


Inah said...

hahahaa..i wish la kat sini boleh makan mekdi!! :P