23 June 2009

Day 309 : Few updates

Few updates

- Good luck for my bro :). He ended up being one of the UKM students as well. Big responsibility ahead of you.

- I'm getting protein band for my western blot..which is good :)

- I have to force myself to write a paper. I have to!!

- Kehendak or keperluan?? DSLR is something that I want but I'm afraid it would be just a waste because the fact that I'm too lazy to study about all the functions..better I save some money for something different..can it be a hobby? perhaps..we'll see how it goes :)

- I'm fine..baking brownies, masak asam pedas, makan di Swing Bowl..everything looks fine except the fact that I'm really busy with labwork now

- Have a great week mates..gaya penulisan blog pun macam gaya menulis nota jek..adehh..student akan tetap jadi student :)


CAHAYA said...

You keep it simple, gal. You don't need to write pages entry just to be 'a' blogger. I like to read yours. :)

Good luck and congrats to your brother. I want to get a DSLR for myself as this year resolutions. My camera dah compang-camping.

Have a nice busy day today Inah!

dlordofir said...

its became a hobby now..;) to me.. its now a necessity.. :D

shahril aley said...

pakai aje compact camera
senang aje nak bawa ke mana
kalau DSLR ko nak ade org "so sweet" tolong angkut ke sana ke mari

Anonymous said...


tahniah buat bro Inah..compact pun ok tapi beli yang ada manual setting function, it can act just like normal DSLR..tp bro waktu tangkap pakai DSLR kena dgn team, kalau tak segan nak usung DSLR tu sorang2..waktu biasa bro pakai canon G10 je..

laki cikgu kimia said...

dslr tu ape? macam nama kuman baru je hahaha

mimizuzuhaha said...

amacam life kat sana?