8 July 2009

Day 325 : Life ain't easy

It's already 8th of July..Gosh..how quick time flies

- Been busy with labwork, experiments, paper writing..our house inspection went well..we got offer to continue our contract for another year..Alhamdulillah :)

- Got myself a new bag (cair dengan sales person yang jual bag - hohoho :P) *note - not a handbag!!

- Another month before my major review..cuak ni..dah le kena tukar school :|

- Life ain't easy - if it is easy..we will never learn from it :)

- Have a good day everyone :)


Nota I - Loved Sarah's new entry..i wish someone can make the same surprise at our airport :P

Nota II : Loved Sarah's pic in St Petersbug..gambar yang mengujakan :)

Nota III : From jejakhidup-inah.blogspot to dna-damaged.blogspot to clastogenic.blogspot and now micronucleus.blogspot..this blog seems to last for quite a while :P


atengbest said...

pindah blog lain jgn lpa bgtau...

Jumper said...

The idea of having to please your landlord during the house inspection and being offered to continue the contract, is rather unique and somewhat a diligent practice in property management, much in the favour of the so-called landlords. Here in Dubai, the inspection is done whether to determine you get your full deposited security money or not; and most of the time the tenants decide to live or walk away.

Anyway good job being a worthy muffin-baking, super tenant who shines the house and pleases the inspector :-)

mimizuzuhaha said...

inah..boleh bagi pic ko kat aku? hihi nak buat banner buh kat blog aku. itu pun kalau ko sudi.

Inah said...

ateng : hehehe..x kot for this moment ;)

jumper : hehehe..thanks for ur kind words :)..i'm blushed :P..we're grateful that we've been offered a year contract ;)..that is the most important thing :)

mimi : hehehe..cantek banner :D..aku nak jugek :D

CAHAYA said...

Is your url keeps changing depends on the experiment that you're working on? If you do wanna change, let me know ya girl. :)

Get yourself a handbag. You got to have one. :P Have a nice day!

Ms B said...

"cair dengan sales person yang jual bag" *grins* is he cute?

i cant get anymore handbags. quite a hassle to change and as we age, the tendency to leave something in the previous bag is high. *grins*

Faisal Admar said...

I'm thinking of changing url too since I want to be a total stranger who can write about anything I like without compromise and intimidate.

It's hard when everybody knows who you are and the idea of bragging or complaining just go away which at last keep beneath your truly heart.

Congratulation for another year contract. Guess you have done your best to keep the landlord's trust :)

Faisal Admar said...

Life has been busy here as well. I'm stuck with a lot of assignments and works, not to forget badminton training and competition! Damn it.