15 July 2009

Day 332 : Moral support

There's times when we do need moral support..and that is what I need for these two days.

I was so upset and ending up crying in the lab..i think my stress level is too high at the moment..but now I know, there's people in the lab who care for me..who concern..who will really hit me if I cried again.

I know I keep complaining about my PhD..but it's hard. Life is hard. Sometimes you would want to give up..but I know I cant.

And today..I know..I have someone that I can ask for advice *remember the story - Forbidden Love - yeap..he's the guy :)


Nota I : Hujan di Adelaide sejak minggu lepas..sepanjang hari hujan..waduuhh..dengan angin kencang nya :|

Nota II : I wish I can finish my PhD within 3 years


Faisal Admar said...

It has been raining here too. But in Malaysia, you would pray to God to give rain everyday :)

I know how hard it is Inah. In fact, I'm struggling my brain out for this little study too :)

I hope everything going to be fine and you return to the strong you that I knew before :)

laki cikgu kimia said...

tiada yang gagal dalam dunia kita melainkan yang meyerah kalah. dan kamu bukan orang itu.

you got to be strong!

Win said...

Salam Inah, kita kan orang KL, memang kena tough serba serbi (I was born in GHKL btw)...yup...Im struggling to get through my respondents here too..- k win

Anonymous said...

banyak2 lah bersabar & berdoa kepadaNya..InsyaAllah, PhD in 3 years akan tercapai..:)

f. said...

lek arh.first degree ni pon trasa susahnya.tade bnde yg sng maa.bak kata dady ar haha well,all the best neway.:)

azizi said...

sort your priority. be persistent in your faith. remember the nawaitu. insya' Allah, everything will be okay. PhD itself, it is a process of knowing the unknown. unexplained? yup, sometimes.

Inah said...

thanks all..i'm getting better now :)

should have been more easy with myself :)