29 September 2009

Y1 D43 - Fish bone

And I'm back..it feels so good to be at home..in my room..@ Taman Permata. Not a big house nor a big room, but enough to accommodate me and my small family :)

I still have another 2 days before I'll be flying off to Bangkok for a conference..what did I do today?

Makan, tdo, makan, tdo, tercekik tulang ikan..hahahahaha :P

In Adelaide, I'm used to eat sardines (in tin), barramundi fillet or snapper fillet..not the whole fish..I almost forgot when was the last time I ate the whole fish..ohh..there's one time I ate fried fish in Adelaide..

Ok, what happened during my dinner tonite with my parents? Sedap2 makan ikan siakap 3 rasa, tetiba tercekik tulang..try to vomit it out..but it's still here..sigh :(

And tonite I'll be sleeping with a fish bone in my throat..hope it will go away tomorrow :(

People normally would sing - rain, rain go away..i want to sing, fish bone fish bone..please go away :(

Hope tomorrow will be a better day. I'll be in faculty tomorrow, catch up my colleagues and friends :)

Till then..take care!!


CATZ said...

dah mkn nasi kepal?
isk.....hope u ok ye..

CAHAYA said...

betul tu Inah, try nasi kepal. or kalau x leh, try roti pun xpe, roti kepal. alahai, ciannya tercekik tulang.

I balik umah my mom kat Gombak. Jom jumpa. ;)

Win said...

Salam Inah, all the best for the conference ok!

Inah said...

udah makan nasikk..jadi sore throat lepas tu..huhu :)

cahaya : leh je..after bangkok :)

kak win : thanks kak :)

Unknown said...

i cungkil dgn jari.. to find that bugger bone.. tapi tu lah kena tahan gag reflex..

Inah said...

haaa..tu lah,,,the reflex is so quick!!

budlee..selamat hari raya!!