17 October 2009

Y1 D61 - Promise to my mum

Almost 3 weeks now, 2 weeks in Malaysia and one week in Bangkok.

Been eating lots, catching up with family and friends (sorry to those who I can't meet up this year - Abg Hisham..sorry, Cahaya - sorry dear, Wawa and Faz - sorry girls :(..i do feel bad but since I dont have any transport, life is a bit hard :P)

Sadness in mum's eyes - as always, tears for me (as always), this time, i know i have to come back after finish up my PhD..i dont want to regret anything. A promise to my parents. What else?, I've told someone that I like about my feelings, managed to put aside my ego..but, negative. Broken hearted girl? Indeed :). As I said, no regrets. I learned something..live life with no regrets.

Single? Don't mind. I still have my mum and dad and I hope I can take a good care of them until death set us apart. That is my promise.

I'm leaving again and dont know when I'll be back again. Perhaps after I finish up my human study which has been scheduled on January 2010.

On this note, just wanna say thanks to my dear friends = Catz (celebrated birthday..I really appreciate that, open house raya, gifts from Incheon - thanks dear!!), Malim and Aley (dinner and movie, birthday presents - hope our friendship will last til the end) & Arnida (thanks K Da..for Bangkok trip and McD meal :P).

No regrets!!


CAHAYA said...

Single is simple, girl! Enjoy it while it last. Nanti dah kawen x berapa nak enjoy dah. ;)

I hope to meet you. But its okay. I guess belum ada rezeki kot. Next time lah kot. Maybe nak gi Sydney and Melbourne for Britney Concert end of this year. ;) And nak traveling ke Gold Coast sekali kalau ada rezeki.

Inah said...

it will be great!! britney concert?? in adelaide pun ade but i'm not a britney fan :P

do tell me if you drop by in melbourne or sydney :)

i'm thinking to go to nsw this december :)

aShaBuLz said...


no regret sis. just strive and do your best! yeehaa!!

-all the best-

Unknown said...

pejam celik pejam celik

time passes by so fast kan :)

CATZ said...

hi inah,
u r welcome..
jgn serik dtg lagi...
good luck in wutever u do...!
hope our frenship will last til the end.

cat miow-miow

Inah said...

thanks ashabulz :)

budlee : a ah..masa berlalu sungguh cepat :)

catz : thanks dear..for everything!!

safe journey..baik2 masa travel :)