3 November 2009

Y1 D77 : Tuesday blues

Hi everyone..how was your Tuesday? Mine was tiring..balik agak lewat..siapkan eksperimen and writing..rasanya macam idea tak keluar, ilham tak ade..

My problem is i'm thinking in Malay, when i try to convert it in BI..the sentences is not that good..sigh :|..i really admire those people who can write good english..oh well, life goes on..

One of my colleague in UKM have already report for duty. He finished his PhD within 3 years..wowww..its a good news..hope I can finish mine within the time..or maybe I can submit thesis by September 2011..hopefully..

Balik tadi, keep thinking bout my experiment..hope I did not make the wrong dilutions..sigh..i lose focus for 2 seconds, and there you go..i have doubt already..

The concept of western blot..when primary antbody bound to protein and secondary antibody will bound to primary before it can be detected via chemiluminescence substrate


It is :)


End year report, paper writing, western blot experiment, protein extraction, ICPMS, DNA extraction and the list can go on and on and on


Nota I : Can someone help to find me anyone who can kill my loneliness..i'm tired of being lonely..i want someone to share, someone to laugh with, someone who i can argue with, someone who i can love..don't i deserve one? I'm smart, err..not pretty..does that count?, I can cook, I have my own career, I come from a good family..I have a good Islamic background..Out of 4 requirements yang ditetapkan; agama, keturunan, harta dan paras rupa..i have 3 of it..but why oh why..I have not find the right guy yet..scandals? lots..but I really want to have someone special..emo? indeed..one of the gloomy days perhaps :(

Nota II : Some of my prayers have been answered..but not related to jodoh..i wonder why..bukan mempersoalkan, bukan tak bersyukur..nature of human being i guess..sigh

Nota III : Some might say my jodoh lambat, i will find the man..but i wonder who? My ex has been contacted me recently via email..but my heart is not for him, not anymore..

Nota IV : Sambung berdoa..I'm not giving up..


FakirFikir said...

Nanti aku iklan dalam blog aku..
1. Bakal ada PhD
2. Ada kerja dan gaji
3. Pandai omputih..
4. Tak payah beli rumah, boleh duduk dalam lab.
5. Apa lagi??

CAHAYA said...

My Tuesday just started (although it's already Wednesday) because I'm working night shift this month.

Jodoh, ajal, maut, it's all in God's hand. Time will tell. Just have a little faith and keep praying.

Inah said...

fakirfikir : hohoho..sila la iklan..hang cuba kenaikan aku ngan kengkawan hang yg single lagik :P

cahaya : yeah..i wont give up praying ;)