1 December 2009

Y1 D119 : I'm back

Hi everyone!!

I have landed safely in Adelaide last night and today I'm back as a student ;)..going back to the lab..have some discussion..catching up with friends and adapting with time difference ;)

How was NZ?

It was FUN FUN FUN (with capital words)..no words can describe how beautiful NZ is..gosh..Subhanallah..hanya itu yang mampu diucapkan..

If there is a place you want to go..make sure NZ if one of them..and you may need to do a road trip..worth it ;)

More pics @ FB :)

@ Lake hawea :)

@ Mount Cook

@ Lake Te Anau :)

Enjoy ur day mates..I'm still having jet lag :P

Notes : Dont try to say I've googled the pics..I'm too lazy to put watermarks and to write something on the pics..


shahril aley said...

google pics
sound familiar ;)
tapi di mana ya?

Jumper said...

Welcome back.
I can imagine how excited you are to be back to the lab, fully charged and loaded with great memories of the wonderful Kiwis :)

IamYonna said...

ish kakak!!! lawanyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! seronok kan duduk negara org. boleh melancong kat negara2 org lain lg T__________T

tp Malaysia ttp terbaik :p

CAHAYA said...

best2. Lama tak travel. ;)

catz said...

hi inah,
welcome back..
i agree...NZ has wonderful scenery..
lawa gila kan...tgk sampai speechless..
talking bout google pics, catz pun kena.
someone said my autumn pic at tokyo adalah 'download dr internet'.
hahhaha...malas nak jawab..
and i take it as a compliment..
maknanya gambo tu lawa lah kot...setanding gambar2 lawa yg dlm internet..hehehhee..

btw...hows bungy jumping? u made it?

Ms B said...

lovely pics inah! Looking at them makes me want to escape from the gloomy weather over here. :)

Inah said...

aley : hehehe..google pics..sume pun nak tuduh kan skrg..alahai..dah kurang org yg jujur agaknya :)

jumper : i just wish i can go back there..spending my time with loved ones..one day perhaps :)

yonna : yeah..malaysia terbaik..tapi i have to say new zealand is one of the top country in the list for its beautiful sceneries :)

Inah said...

cahaya : dont forget to have a break dear :)

cahaya : i x buat bungy..hehehehe :P..new zealand adelah sgt cantik!!! :)

msB :come here..to the land of down under and i can cook for u :)

Mrs.Sheikh said...


inah,...ape kabar??
ermm..lama tak jejak sini..
btw, gambar2 cantik... view NZ mmg superb kan..
sy minta gambar ni ye nak buat wallpaper.. boleh?

Inah said...

amikla husna..x kisah pon..nz sgt cantek!! u should go one day :)