6 December 2009

Y1 D124 - More travel info

More pics @ NZ :)

For our NZ trip, we managed to spend 700 AUD for accomodation, car rental, petrol, makan n minum..which is quite cheap i guess :)

For flight ticket, we got cheap ticket from Jetstar..

Melb - ChCh - Melb : 190 AUD

Auckland - ChCh : 30 AUD

Adel - Melb - Adel : 30 AUD

Total budget plus souvenir ..1100 AUD..worth every penny :)


We spent our night at backpackers lodge @ every city..the best I must say is The Villa @ Picton and Frienz.com @ ChCh..we managed to know lots of different people and encounter different experience at different places of stay

We have stayed at

1. Frank Josef backpackers - not bad :)
2. Bumble backpackers in Queenstown - thumbs up!! :)
3. Frienz.com - ChCh - thumbs up!! :)
4. Te Anau backpackers lodge - best!! :)
5. City Oasis ChCh - best!! :)
6. The Villa - Picton - awesome!!
7. Go Global - Taupo - bad!!
8. Frienz backpackers - Auckland - bad..err..to be honest..i hate Auckland..i really do :|
9. Women's backpackers ChCh - THE BEST :)


Driving in South Island is really challenging..just remember to drive slowly..according to the speed limit and be extra careful..winding and narrow road..huh..what an experience..

In north island, it's way better but be extra careful with your speed limit..lots of police cars and speed trap..don't waste your money on paying summon :)

One more thing..you don't need a GPS..trust me..just get yourself someone who can read map..not everyone can read a map :)..I'm one of the navigator in this journey, navigator + co-driver + chef + dish washer :P


Halal food is not as easy as in Australia..but all Nando's here is halal..we tend to buy and cook ourselves at our backpackers..sardines, eggs, maggi, tuna, cornflakes, honey and milk..that's our routine..

But when we're staying at our friend's house in Dunedin, they provide us with nasi ayam and bekal nasi kerabu..guess where we ate the nasi kerabu?? @ Mount Cook..cayalahhh :P..kalah LOTR trilogy..hohoho

When we arrived in Wellington, we had kari kepala ikan and kuih serimuka..and for dinner we had ikan masak sweet sour..fuhhh..best makan ikan fresh yang ditangkap di Wellington :)

At Hamilton..kami dijamu lagi :)..sup daging, rendang, sambal belacan, ikan masin and tempoyak..wallaweeii :)..

Alhamdulillah..terima kasih daun keladi diucapkan pada kawan2 yang menjamu..budi baik kalian akan dikenang :)


Basically, everything in NZ is very costly..Bungee Jumping - 175 NZD, Riverboat - 109 NZD, Milford Cruise - 72 NZD. Auckland tower jump - 210 NZD..everything is more than 50 NZD..

Gosh..I wish I had more money to spend..one of the reason I chicken out from Bungee Jumping is the cost :P..after all, my travelling friends discouraged me and said something bad will happen..hahahaha..perhaps I shouldn't do anything crazy :P

So, I just spent my money on Milford Cruise and Riverboat..that's all..worth every penny :)

Anything? just drop me an email and I can share with you our itinerary covering South island and North Island in 12 days :)

Discover yourself @ NZ :)

Aratiatia Dam

@ Lake Tekapo

@ Hamner tunnel..on the way to Milford - this is us..six of female grads student..a journey that I won't forget :)


Nota I : It's an enjoyable journey..tiring but FUN

Nota II : I'm back in the lab..will have to work extra harder :P

Nota III : Managed to use the new pie maker to cook quiche..wanna know?? wait for tomorrow's entry :P..too lazy to write a new entry for that quiche :P


f. said...

warghhh bestnye...><

Anonymous said...

err... jumpa hobbits tak? :b

Win said...

Alahai kalau tahu Inah ada kat Chch hari tu boleh singgah rumah sewa kak win...

catz said...

aku pon duk pikir benda sama..
ko nak terjun berapa saat je kan..kena bayar sampai 170 dolar..kihkihkih..
pastuh persiapan nya adalah lama gila..menguap aku nak tunggu org terjun..kehkehkeh.
mcm azab je kan...
milford sounds is a must...wonderful experience...
wow..ko amik tak gambo mkn nasik kerabu kat mount cook?
history tu..dari terengganu asalnya..ke mount cook nun di NZ kekdahnyaaa..

DrSam said...

Walauweee...one great experience and wonderful adventure. That is one of the great previleges of being a student abroad - traveling! Tell us more of your other great adventures.

zafi said...

i loike! it will be fun !!!

Inah said...

farid : mmg best..kumpul le duit..leh jalan2 :)

abg gen : kami pi sampai ke rumah hobbits ;)

kak win : takpe..next time ada :)..jemputla mai adelaide :)

catz : byk gambo kat fb la yang..kat sini aku malas nak upload sgt..add aku kat fb okei :)


dr sam : hehehe..indeed..one of our advantage :)..travelling is so much fun :) great company, great adventure..it's totally awesome

zarul : hehehhe..mmg FUN :)