16 December 2009

Y1 D134 : Istikharah

Verily, along with every hardship is relief ..and to your Lord(alone) turn (all your) intentions and hopes (Holy Qu'ran: The Opening Forth, 5&8)

To Farid

Just be strong and you're not alone in this..please do me a favour..solat istikharah ok!!

When you are in dilemma, having options, not knowing what to choose..let God decide what's the best for you..


your sister

I had a rough day today..experiments whole day long..got back paper from supervisor and got to rewrite my discussion part because it's way too long..sigh :|

I'll do it..slowly..I guess

This Christmas will not be easy for me..everybody is leaving for their annual holiday til mid January but I'll be in the lab..lots of experiments and datelines..that's student life..GAMBATE!!

While I'm writing this, a thunder suddenly strike..whoaahh..from 39 degrees to 23 degrees tomorrow..Australia is having a drastic climate change..

That's all for now

Til then..

Have a good break :)