29 December 2009

Y1 D147 : Top 10 ; Moment I remembered the most

(Student life)

In no particular order

#1 - My candidature confirmed and people really like my presentation for my major review including two strangers from Royal Adelaide Hospital (they are patients) :)..it really make my day

#2 - When I cried in the lab because of sample size..I'm so stress and burst out..everybody sees me crying and what matters the most - Phil (my supervisor) pat me at the back and Steve managed to comfort me with his advice

#3 - When I was asked to redo my experiment..everything for 8 months is just a waste and I managed to do 8 months work in 4 weeks time (inclusive of statistics)

#4 - When I managed to have a break..holidays in Melbourne and New Zealand..it's really an awesome adventure :)

#5 - When I presented poster at International Conference in Bangkok this year..I'm so proud of it :)

#6 - When Papa (my SV) wrote a good report in my annual review to KPT and UKM..it's such a good feeling :)

#7 - When my western blot is not working and still not working..sigh :(

#8 - When I met HR..hahahaha..he's my puppy love :P..and we got a song about it :P

#9 - When I can eat takoyaki @ Sushi train whenever I feel very sad and happy..alone or with K Da :)

#10 - When we spent whole fasting month @ CSIRO lab - breaking fast in our tea room and later went for tarawih @ Uni or praying @ Blood Pressure Room :P..it's such a good experience :)

@ NZ

People become wiser day by day and mature enough to handle his/her own life..so am I..another 15 months to go and I believe there's more to learn next year ;)


Personal life

#1 - When I went back to Malaysia twice and had a good catch up with family and friends

#2 - When I'm out of YKWYA group..yeap..not anymore..people come and go..and so do I..mixed feelings about this..there are sweet and bitter moments..as I mentioned, people come and go..good one will stay with you and everything happened for a reason..

#3 - When I'm able to go to HK with my friends and enjoying every part of it :)

#4 - When I know I'll have couple of friends that I can rely on in Malaysia..to whom it may concern, thanks a lot :)

#5 - When my mum cried each time she sent me at the airport..sigh..dunno what to react :(

#6 - When my eyes were in tears during Christmas lunch because someone that I have crush on was flirting with someone else..hahahaha :P

#7 - When I was asked for a date..but I rejected..pity him :P

#8 - When William is no longer my favourite place to hang out each time I went back

#9 - When I'm no longer want to meet new bloggers..except for few people..perhaps I just dont want the same thing happened twice

#10 - When I'm sad, I realize that I can't drive fast with my Kelisa or I can't cry too much, my heart wont let me now. I cried less and try to find something that can cheer me up..yes..with cooking..now, whenever I feel sad, I'll cook something out of nowhere..quiche, butter cheese cake, brownies, butter prawn etc etc..

It's harder to write about my personal life..maybe because my life is more to student life and all that happened involved lab, people in the lab and adelaide :)

It's a good sign I guess :)

Till then, enjoy your last few days in 2009 :)..


FakirFikir said...

Moga tahun 2010 lebih cerah dan mengasyikkan.

dr itu! said...

a lots of things!!

well, good luck 4 U...

people come and go.. but frens..stay with u forever! hahaks

aShaBuLz said...

wow....lots of memories huh...even i can't remember that much. :)

btw, happy 2010 for u sis. only some months to go ya..gud luck and have an excellent result!! wuuhuuuu~

Inah said...

bro awang : tenkiu..harap tahun 2010 saya boley publish 3 paper ;)

kimi : hehehe..i learned that :)..people come and go :)

ashabulz: hehehe..ni yg boley ingat jek..yg x ingat tu lagi byk ;)..thanks dear..happy 2010 to u too :)