31 December 2009

Y1 D149 : Last Day of 2009

Hi everyone!!

Another one hour and half, I'll be in 2010. Hope 2010 will bring lots of joy and happiness to me..

My new year resolution?

1. Publish papers!!

2. ASMR and NSA conference

3. Being a good student and hardworking

4. Try to have a life instead of being a lab rat

5. Hope to be a better person day by day

6. Hope to cook more dishes *winks* :P

7. I really hope my human trial study will be smooth sailing

8. I do hope I can go back home end of the year

9. To travel more

10. To be a good muslim ;)

Hope everyone will enjoy last bit of 2009..Take a good care of yourself!!

Happy New Year!! ;)


fikrifayi said...

hi happy new year!

catz said...

Hi Inah,

happy new year..
hope u can achieve all the resolutions.

Ms B said...

happy new year inah! May it brings more happiness to you. I dont think i'll stay up late tonight. still trying to catch up on my rest.

Liyana said...

All the best for 2010 :)

Anonymous said...


selamat tahun baru...

khabar angin kata inah kawen tahun ni... muhehehehehehe


DrSam said...

Try hard, tawakkal and Insyaallah you will achieve your azam-azam.

Happy New year to you!

Josh said...

Inah, you forgot,
11. Cook Ah Josh a sumptuous meal.


aShaBuLz said...

happy new year sis!! nnt kak inah masak, saya jadi tukang rasa..ok? lapar~

Inah said...

fikri : hi mate!! happy new year to u too ;)

catz : thanks dear..hope you achieve your too ;)

Inah said...

msB : oh dear..you may need more rest..happy new year ms B

sis liyana : thanks sis..all the best for u too ;)

abg gen : khabar angin adalah tidak berasas sama sekali..calon pun x dok..apekan nak kawin.. :P

dr sam : thanks doc..happy new year to u too ;)

Inah said...

Uncle Josh : I will..when I have my own house ;)

ashabulz : hehhe..boley je ;)

Faisal Admar said...

happy new year inah! :)

Inah said...

thanks faisal!!